Earth Space Dock Map

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Earth Space Dock Map
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NPC NameDescription
1. Admiral QuinnGives Episode Missions
2. Ambassador SugiharaGives Diplomatic Missions
3. Assignment OfficerMission Difficulty Information
4. BankDeposit/Widthraw Items
5. Bridge Officer TrainerTeach Bridge Officer Abilities
6. Captain SuluPatrol Mission Information
7. Captain YimTour the Galaxy (Daily)
8. Chief Engineering OfficerRepair Your Ship
9. Chief Medical OfficerHeal Officer
10. Commander BaltSkills Information
11. Commodity Broker FhossSells Commodities
12. Commodity Broker HosaCommodity Information
13. Dirz RaxxCustomize Your Starship
14. Elsa MoraRequisition Bridge Officers
15. Ensign ByarnezRequisition Captain's Yacht
16. Ensign LessaRequisition Ground Equipment
17. Ensign ObinSelect Your Ship
18. Ensign R'raakInformation
19. Ensign VeldeSells Food & Drinks
20. ExchangeBuy and Sell Items
21. Ferengi CollectorBuys Old Items
22. Fleet AmbassadorCreate a Fleet
23. Ghemik TelurChange Your Uniform
24. Lieutenant Commander OkretRespec Your Skills
25. Lt. LaurelStarship and Shuttle Requisitions
26. MailSend/Receive Mail and Items
27. Malcom SisselShip Information
28. Security OfficerDuty Officer Missions
29. ShalahRequisition Starship Equipment
30. Transport PadTransport to Starfleet Academy
31. Transporter ChiefInformation
32. Turbolift 1Turbolift to other Decks
33. Turbolift 2Turbolift to other Decks
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