Earth Space Dock Map

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Earth Space Dock Map
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NPC NameDescription
1. Admiral QuinnMission giver
2. Ambassador Jiro SugiharaDiplomatic Missions
3. Assignment OfficerMission difficulty information
4. BankDeposit/Withdraw Items and Money
5. Bridge Officer TrainerTrain BOff Skills
6. Captain SuluPatrol / Defend missions
7. Captain YimTour the Universe
8. Chief Ch'ThrasEarth Space Dock information
9. Chief Engineering OfficerRepair Ship
10. Chief Medical OfficerHeal Officer
11. Commander BaltSkills information
12. Commodities Broker FhossSells commodities
13. Commodities Broker HosaExploration information
14. Dirz RaxxCustomize Ship
15. Elsa MoraRequisition Bridge Officers
16. Ensign ByarnezShuttle Information
17. Ensign LessaRequisition Personal Equipment
18. Ensign ObinShip Selection
19. ExchangeBuy and sell items
20. Ferengi CollectorBuys Prototype Consoles
21. Fleet AmbassadorCreate a fleet
22. Ghemik TelorCustomize Uniform
23. Lt. Commander ArutRequisition Personal Equipment (Dilithium)
24. Lt. Commander E'gennCrafting information
25. Lt. Commander OkretRetrain Skills
26. Lt. Commander OphilmRequisition Starship Components (Dilithium)
27. Lt. LaurelStarship Requisitiosn
28. MailSend/Receive Mail and Items
29. Malcom SisselShip Information
30. NiwanSells food and drinks
31. PagSells weapons
32. Security OfficerDuty Officer Assignments
33. ShalanRequisition Starship Equipment
34. TurboliftGoes to lower level