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Qo'noS Map

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Qo'noS Map
Open Location List
NPC NameDescription
1. Assignment OfficerDifficulty Information
2. BankDeposit/Withdraw Items
3. BartenderSells Food and Drinks
4. BekkTutorial Mission
5. Bekk D'vidCustomize Ship
6. Bridge Officer TrainerTrain Bridge Officer Abilities
7. Chancellor J'mpokGives Missions
8. Chief Engineering OfficerRepair Ship
9. Chief Medical OfficerHeal Officers
10. Commander K'tarlRequisition Equipment (Dilithium)
11. Commander RagenTrain Skills
12. Commander V'QlarRequisition Bridge Officer
13. Commodity Vendor GrenSells Commodities
14. Crafting Supplies VendorSells supplies for crafting
15. Deferi AmbassadorMission to Defera
16. Dilithium ExchangeRequisition Equipment
17. ExchangeSell and Buy Items
18. Fleet AmbassadorCreate a Fleet
19. GarradUsed in Tutorial Mission
20. Gramash
21. Lieutenant B'EmaraTutorial Mission
22. Lieutenant B'EtaGives Missions
23. Lieutenant B'eoraRequisition Personal Equipment
24. Lieutenant GurkanRequisition Ship Equipment
25. Loresinger B'AleaHistory of the Klingons
26. Loresinger TiranHistory of the Klingons
27. Lt. Commander MaraGives Missions
28. MailSend/Receive Mail and Items
29. Marauder KazzgurSpecial Bridge Officer Assignment
30. MayerteacExchange Dilithium
31. Mek the DisagreeableGives Missions
32. Nakar
33. Nexa
34. Romulan AmbassadorMission to New Romulus
35. S'kaaSells Weapons
36. S'taass
37. Security OfficerDuty Officer Assignments
38. Ship SelectionSelect Active Ships
39. Ship and Shutle RequisitionBuy Ships
40. Shuttle Information
41. Sparring Master B'ElotjaTutorial Mission
42. TalukCustomize Clothing
43. TargakTour the Universe
44. TemekMission Contact
45. WeachugRequisition Starship Equipment (Dilithium)
46. WorfMission Giver
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