STO Sector Map

The Milky Way galaxy, small compared to the size of the universe, yet we have only explored a small portion of it. Even though we only travel between the Alpha and Beta quadrants, danger lurks around every corner. Turmoil exists in every sector. Captains need to know the location of their enemies.


Acamar System
Aelas System
Afheirr NebulaExploration
Agrama System
Aido System
Aihai System
Ajilon System
Aldebaran System
Algira System
Alhena System
Alini System
Alth'nodr System
Andoria SystemVisitable
Andoss System
Aokii System
Arucanis System
Areglius System
Arawath System
Archer System
Aria System
Arucanis Arm
Ayala System
Azha System
Azure Nebula
Ba'aja System
Bajor SystemDiplomatic Mission
Battle Group Omega
Bavar System
Bepi 113 System
Beta Lankal System
Beta Thoridor System
Betreka NebulaExploration
Beytan System
Bhea System
B'lii System
Bomari System
Boreth System
Breshnar System
Briar Patch
Burgus System
Cardassia System
Caralun System
Carraya System
Celes System
Cero System
Cernan System
Cernon System
Cestus System
Chapel System
ChoS System
Ch'menira System
Chaltok System
Chiron System
Chulan System
Cirni Prime System
Corwin System
Crateris System
Crown System
Culver System
Cursa System
Dace System
Daise System
Danteris System
Deep Space K-7Visitable
Deep Space 9Visitable
Defera SystemVisitable
Deferi Outpost 3Visitable
Demil System
Delta Volanis Cluster
Dera System
Dimorus System
D'kel Star ClusterExploration
Donia System
Donatu System
Draylon System
Drozana StationVisitable
Dubhe System
Eirhess System
Elvren System
Elwing System
Enocha System
Eridan BeltExploration
Eridon NebulaExploration
Errikson System
Europani System
Fitzan System
Federation Fleet Starbase
Klingon Fleet Starbase
Fluidic SpaceFleet Action
Forcas System
Fvillhaih System
Galorndon Core System
Gamma Eridon System
Ganalda StationVisitable
Gasko System
Gateway System
Ghomha System
Ghuh'woq System
Goralis System
Gorath System
Great Bloom System
Haakona System
Hana System
Hadrian System
Haakona System
H'atoria System
Hedon System
Hfihar System
Hobus System
Honod System
Hotep System
Hromi ClusterExploration Area
Icari System
Iconia System
Imaga System
IKS Kaarg
Japori System
JF547 System
Jouret System
Kahless ExpanseExploration
Kalesta System
Kalferi System
Kassae System
Kei System
Kelvani BeltDaily mission
Kern System
Ker'rat System
Kessik System
Khailee System
Khazan ClusterExploration
Khellian System
Khitomer System
Kinjer System
Kinjun System
Koolhaas System
Korvat System
K'shan System
Kuda System
Lae'nas System
Lackey System
Lahra System
Laurentian System
Lateri System
Llaiir System
Liuen System
Lilitu System
Lilsis System
Lirss System
Lonco System
Malon System
Mandel System
Manek System
Maiewski System
Maro System
Mec System
Memory AlphaStarfleet R&D
Minas Korva System
Mirish System
M'rade System
Mryax System
Muso System
Mutara Nebula
Mylasa System
Narendra System
Nawlogh System
Nequencia System
New Romulus System
NGC 1218 System
NGC 2447 System
NGC 4447 System
Nimbus System
No'Mat System
Noro System
Nukara System
N'Vak System
Obrom System
Omar System
Oradhe System
Otha System
Orias System
Pellme System
P'jem System
Pheben System
Phi System
Pico System
Pilatus System
Ponor System
Qay'ghun System
Qo'noS SystemVisitable
Quadra Sigma System
Quatlek System
Qutmut System
Ra'kholth System
Rashana System
Rator System
Raveh System
Reimers System
Regulus System
Reytan System
Rhi System
Risa SystemVisitable
Rolor NebulaExploration
Romulan FlotillaVisitable
Romulus SystemVisitable
Ruben System
Rura Penthe System
Sanek System
Santos System
Sardah System
Saqgham System
Sarita System
Seeda System
Servin System
Shahr System
S'hinga System
Sibirian System
Sienae System
Sierra Outpost II System
Sierra SystemStarbase 39
Sol SystemEarth Space Dock
SPR 5195 System
S.S. Azura
Starbase 24Fleet Action
Starbase 157
Starbase 234
Suliban System
Tazi System
Tephrei System
Teneebia System
Teroka System
Terrh System
T'Kanis NebulaExploration
T'iokol System
Tiqchirgh System
T'liss System
T'ong Nebula
Toron System
Tostig System
TRD 071944 System
TRD 0720 System
Trivas System
Traelus System
Transwarp to Gamma OrionisFederation
Transwarp to Gamma OrionisKlingon
Transwarp to Omega Leonis
Transwarp to Sirius
Trimbele System
Una System
Vendor System
Vesper System
Vestalan System
Veyga System
Vhoran System
Virinat System
Vor System
Vorn System
Vulcan SystemVisitable
Vulgta Asteroid FieldDilithium Mining
VZA-4001 SystemVisitable
Watran System
Wolf 359Visitable
Xarantine System
Xleen System
Yan Nebula
Yov'bat System
Zaria System
Zibal System
Zemet System
Zenes ExpanseExploration
Zenik System
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