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I took a look back to my very first post on September 16, 2010. At that time Cryptic had started their weekly episodes and I made a comment about the episodes being too short. At the time it was an interesting model that they were testing out. Release a new episode every week that told a story over a five week period, then take a break. Obviously now we have a new model in which a new episode is released roughly once a month. Other than that, how have things changed?

If I asked myself this question a few weeks ago I would have said nothing has changed. The length of each episode is roughly the same. The episodes leading up to the end of the Iconian War were clearly rushed, and some were a bit too short to contain the story they were trying to tell. It also made me dislike this once a month model.

Although now that we are in "A New Dawn" I feel differently. For the first time in the past 5 years, Cryptic has a clear sense of direction with the story they are trying to tell. Despite the length of the episode, the story is being told at a pace that feels good. I still would like episodes to come out quicker, but because the story has grabbed my interest I can deal with it.

Honestly, since September 16, 2010 only very little has changed. That's what I find so amazing. Just some small tweaks to the how a story is told, planning it's direction, and putting some slightly extra effort into an episode has made them feel so much better. Do you agree with this?

Written by Attilio on November 29, 2015 at 10:21 pm


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