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June Ask Cryptic Review

Captain's Blog Stardate 89053.39

Hailing frequencies open. Hey everyone! Friday the devs tried to get Season 4 on the Tribble server and apparently it crashed, so I won't be reviewing that in this blog. They said that they will try to get it on tribble early this week. If they do then I'll be reviewing it in the following blog. Also, keep an eye on our YouTube channel because I'll post some Season 4 review videos as well. The good news is that the latest Ask Cryptic was released so at least we have something to discuss! Its a pretty good read and I suggest checking it out. I'll go over some of the highlights and my favorite points. First of all, the STFs are getting redone which is great. There is also an updated version of the Borg which will be coming with Season 4. These will actually adapt to your weapon types and be a lot more like the Borg we know from TNG and Voyager. I can't wait to fight against them. It seems like it will add a new strategy to battling the Borg. You may have to equip your away team with a variety of weapon types (plasma, disruptor, etc.) in order to defeat them. I'll comment more on this once I test Season 4. Auto-pilot is getting revamped. Right now you can go to the map and click on a system or click on the name of a system and travel to it. Unfortunately this only works for the sector you are in. Cryptic has someone working on a better way of doing this. What they are hoping for is a way that will let you click on any system in the galaxy and your ship will travel there automatically. So if you are in the Sirius Sector and want to visit DS9 you can just click DS9 and it will cross both sectors for you. I can't wait for this. The Klingons have much to look forward to. Qo'noS is getting redone, new ships are coming, and much more. The Klingon faciton is really in need of some love. I think they should spend more time on bringing the Klingons on par with the Federation faction, and less time on content for the Feds. A lot of the stuff mentioned in this Ask Cryptic are all features that are coming with Season 4 so I am not going over all of them. Lets hope that Cryptic gets Season 4 on Tribble this week so I can get reviews out for you. Let me know your thoughts on this Ask Cryptic and anything I've mentioned. End transmission.

Written by Attilio on June 13, 2011 at 08:07 am


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