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September Ask Cryptic and a Rant

Captain's Blog Stardate 89301.21

I think I need to first go into my rant before getting into the Ask Cryptic. Can anyone tell me why people are attacking the F2P matrix? I really don't understand this. Are you telling me that you know better than a company who has already set up a similar model that works and who's parent company knows how to handle free to play? Personally I like it and think it will work. I can see a lot of people with free accounts purchasing more items from the C-Store simply because they aren't paying a subscription. Those of us who do pay will also be putting money into the game. I kind of understand where people are coming from though. Their biggest argument is that the current F2P matrix doesn't give people an incentive to subscribe, but I don't think that's what Cryptic was trying to do. I think they are trying to maximize their profits from the C-Store and bring in more players to the game. That's the way I see it. I guess we all have our own views on it. In a related topic, anyone who has a lifetime subscription stop complaining! I purchased my lifetime subscription back during the head start week before the game was released. I got it so I wouldn't have to keep paying $15 a month for the game. After roughly 2 years I am essentially playing for free. Now with this new model I'll be getting 400 C-Points for the rest of the game's life! Anyone who has a lifetime subscription is set! Please stop complaining every time you assume that the liberated Borg or other lifetime perk is being given away to everyone else. I'm tired of hearing about it. If you are a lifer then you are set. You have the best deal out of everyone who plays this game. Relax. Phew. Now, on to other matters. Dan Stahl released Ask Cryptic this week. For the most part it answers a lot of F2P questions which I really won't get into since you can read those yourself. What I would like to bring to your attention are two points which are good for the game. The very first question is about the skill tree revamp and I'm happy to hear that they are working on it. Well I'm also a little sad because this means I will have to do the same revamp to my skill planner. I'm ready for it though because I always strive to give you the best skill planner possible. I'm also happy to hear that they are working hard with Perfect World to bring us a better game. Unfortunately this move to F2P is keeping the devs busy so we won't be seeing as much as normal, but stuff is coming. If Stahl spoke the truth, Perfect World really wants this game to succeed and be the game it should. I got the impression that they are planning on doing major work on the Klingons as well in order to bring them up to par with the Federation. That's all for this week. You know the drill, give me your feedback!

Written by Attilio on September 11, 2011 at 09:56 pm


samueldavidson (Member) said...
September 12, 2011 at 03:31 am

I love to see a lot more for Klingon's. I don't mind PVP. Some of us are not into PVP. which makes it some what empty on Klingon side.

some of us enjoy doing the missions first then get into PVP.

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Attilio (Owner) said...
September 13, 2011 at 08:43 am

I think that is the biggest issue. Not everyone is into PvP so they want more PvE. Besides all factions should be equal when it comes to content. I bet a lot more people would play on the Klingon side if it had more content.

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Norman (Guest) said...
September 14, 2011 at 07:50 am

Attilio First off thanks for all your input!!!
I am a lifer & agree with you all the way!
For me it is about having fun, with othere people in a startrek "GAME".
I have been a graet fan for the last 46 years & think its stil worth spending my cash on, some poeple need time to make the choice what to spend there cash on !!
most of us dont have a cash tree in the back yard !
But still there are a lot of people putting in the time to make the game more enjoyabul & fun !!!!

My thanks goes out to al thoughs people !!

if things were perfect nobody would have enything to conplain about hmmmm....

take care !!!
thanks for the graet work !!!

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