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Before I start I just want to let you all know that I've made some updated to the datacore section. I definitely suggest checking out the improved ship list. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago I talked about the enemies of STO and we discussed who might be the most dangerous. This sparked an idea for me and here we are. I present to you the STO Academy's first ever Bad Guy Awards!!

Below I list a few of the baddies we've come to know and love - or hate - and the award that I think they should win. In the comments I expect to see what you think of this list, who you would've given these awards to, and your own awards for these evil doers!

The "I'm a Really Annoying Bad Guy And That's All I Do" Award goes to *drum roll* Tholians!!! How many times are you going to put me in your yellow web before you realize that I'm just going to break out and blow you up anyway! Go away! No one likes you!

Now the "Come Here So I Can Tickle You With My Weapons" Award goes to... Voth!! I don't know how some of you feel about the Voth, but I feel they are weak. I've played the Breach Elite more times than I can count -- I've been tickled so much by the Voth that I forgot how to count! -- and every time I fight them they barely do any damage. I will say that their bigger ships are strong, but the rest of them need to stop bothering me.

And the fourth award -- see I told you the Voth made me forget how to count -- is "Come Here So I Can Give You A Big Kiss!!". This goes to the Klingons! When on ground can they please stop running right up to my face and trying to kiss me? Enough already! It's worse when I'm crouched down because it's not their face I see -- shivers.

Now the real fourth award (and final), "You Will Be Assimilated, Nah Just Kidding I'll Blow You Up Instead". Really? Are you serious? Come on Romulans!! First you go and play with Borg tech. Then you blow up your planet. Now you go and try to "assimilate" your own race! Not only that but you side with the Elachi? Talk about ugly! If that's not bad enough, you use this crazy Medusa weapon to turn people to stone.

If you ask me, the Tholians should build a web where they can all live together. Then the Voth will tickle the Romulans. The laughter will make them happy and maybe they'll give a kiss to the Klingons who desperately want it. I'm done. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Written by Attilio on January 05, 2014 at 10:22 pm


Wonvertu (Member) said...
January 06, 2014 at 12:39 pm

I'm thinking that empty bottle of Romulan ale sitting beside your computer may have something to do with it. :)

Reply to Wonvertu
Attilio (Owner) replied...
January 06, 2014 at 02:33 pm

Wait! That wasn't synthehol?!?

Reply to Attilio
Saarak (Guest) said...
January 06, 2014 at 03:50 pm

Romulans deserve the award of " My Weapons Are Sorry For Your A$$ LOL" because first they use weapons from JJverse then they use their thalaron noobcrap....Learn to fight Romulans :D

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Udimir (Guest) said...
January 06, 2014 at 08:43 pm

The Voth are fine. Most of them are a bit on the weak side, but those Spec Ops on the ground are a real pain in the exhaust port with their melee slash attacks that knock your health down by half and bypass shields. The mechs are wimps and repair drones making the wimpness last longer until you take them out. As far as space goes they pack some punch and when they don't pack punch they are certainly great punching bag ships that can take a ton of damage before popping with their immunity fields.

I think the Tholians are the 'weakest' enemy followed believe it or not by the Elachi. The Elachi's crescent blast weapon is the only real threat in space and even then with some quick maneuvering and engine power it can be avoided.

As far a toughness goes the most powerful enemy is the Borg IMO with their one shots and shield drain powers, not to mention their 360* weapon arcs means there's no blind spot. Also the Borg's tracker spam can get annoying really fast. on the other hand on the ground they're slow and if your a medic you can pretty much take up any damage they throw at you.

Most annoying or agonizing enemy of why don't your show your faces already is unsurprisingly the Iconians. Its like what? Are you chicken to come out and fight? Instead you have all the other species do the 'dirty' work for you? I'm sure we'll see them soon enough however part of me is like hurry up and show your faces already.

As far as the other enemies go I'm neutral about either way. That includes the Tal Shiar, the Klingons, Devidians, Terran Empire, Undine, Etc... Though if fighting Romulans or Remans allied to the Tal Shiar, don't get in front of or too near a D'deridex Warbird or you'll quickly regret it.

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