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This past weekend the Breen series ended with the final episode "Cold Storage". Overall the series got a lot of positive feedback from the Star Trek Online community; everyone really seemed to enjoy the storyline and the game play. I for one thought it was excellent. Cryptic made an excellent decision in creating these weekly episodes and I am glad they will be continuing it.

Speaking of continuing it, if you haven't heard yet the next series will feature the Devidians as enemies. Remember them from The Next Generation? I read through the mission summaries on the Feature Episodes page and it looks very interesting. I think Cryptic has another good storyline and this will be just as successful.

What did all of you think about the Breen series? What are your expectations of the Devidian series? Let me know your thoughts.

Written by Attilio on September 27, 2010 at 09:12 am


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