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Diplomatic Doomsday

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Hailing frequencies open. Cryptic is doing really good with these mission revamps. Diplomatic Orders is amazing as well as Doomsday Machine. The cutscenes are great, the update stories are amazing, and it has the prefect balance of combat and non-combat objectives. Don't take my word for it, go play those missions if you haven't done so already. First I have to review Diplomatic Orders. Originally we had to speak with Ambassador Sokketh at Earth Space Dock, which I always thought was fine. Cryptic changed it to Vulcan and frankly, I'm glad they did. The shuttle cut scenes blew my mind. I also really loved the interior for the shuttle. I know its bigger then the actual shuttle, but it looks good. I can't wait until they add it to the game so we can go on our shuttles. For the most part, this mission is the same. They added some cutscenes and some additional dialog. It was always a good mission and that hasn't changed. Doomsday Machine definitely got a huge makeover. It seems like almost an entirely new mission. There is so much to discuss that I don't know where to begin. Taking over the Klingon vessel was pretty cool, as well as getting the holoemitter to make yourself look like a Klingon. I hope that will be the beginning of personal holoemitters, similar to the ones that we can buy for our ships with gold pressed latinum. I also hope they add something to Foundry that lets us add it to our missions. The ground map was basically the same as before, except you could "sneak" buy without going into too many battles. However I did find a back way up the mountain so check out my video walkthrough for this mission to see what I mean. The greatest part of Doomsday Machine was the Klingon song. When K'Valk took the shuttle to die with honor and he started singing I wanted to jump out of my seat and just scream "omg that is so !@#$%^ awesome!!" I didn't do that though. Instead I've been singing messed up lyrics to that song in my head since I heard it. Unfortuantely in my head it sounds like this: "por kahless jak do e bak teb rag no e" Yeah I know, I just butchered that song... or rather the first two lines of it lol. Still I loved that mission and I loved how we were able to fly a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. Good job Cryptic, you make this old warrior proud. Make sure you let me know your thoughts on these missions and their rewards. Also, what mission would you like to see revamped next? Personally, I'm looking forward to City on the Edge of Never. They need to redo that becuase it was awesome the way it was originally, now they need to make it better. End transmission.

Written by Attilio on May 29, 2011 at 09:59 pm


Cpt.Clango (Guest) said...
May 30, 2011 at 12:05 am

I thought they were really cool. My friend doesn't like Doomsday because he says it seems mostly copied from the TOS episode. My only complaint about it, is the over dramatized hand motions with the clips.

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Attilio (Owner) said...
May 30, 2011 at 06:36 pm

Actually its a sort of continuation from the TOS episode. Im pretty sure during that episode they mentioned the Klingons.

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Kailath (Member) said...
June 02, 2011 at 11:26 pm

The entire story, IMO, is brilliant. Somehow they managed to weave the Kuva'Magh from VOY,plug in the Gardian, and culminate with a take on both "Doomsday" *and* the ENT augment arc.

I thought it was great already, but this was just a little too cool for a Trekkie � it's a TrekFan's dream come true

Good job Cryptic for pleasing both gamers *and* Trekkies. Also: more great walkthroughs from Admiral Attilio!

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