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It is finally arriving. This week Star Trek Online officially goes F2P and there are a lot of mixed emotions, concerns, etc. I think one of the biggest concerns is server over load causing the game to crash. I can honestly see this happening since it has happened in the past with feature episodes. At the same time, Cryptic has stated that Gold Members do have priority access to the game which means Silver Players (free) may not always be able to get in. Could this mean that on Tuesday when F2P launches people will actually be waiting "on line" to log into the game? Possibly, and I know I wouldn't like that. One thing I am personally concerned about is Earth Space Dock and Sol System. There will be tons of fleets trying to recruit players as well as tons of new players asking questions. Earth Space Dock already has a slow load time, I can just imagine what it will be like on Tuesday. Unfortunately I'll be around Sol and Earth often on Tuesday helping new players and trying to recruit them. The most popular concern is the C-Store and what Cryptic will be putting in it. I really hope they don't decide to put missions into the C-Store because that would be extremely unfair and annoying. I can deal with ships, weapons, races, uniforms, and other things of that nature, but not missions. Even F2P players shouldn't have to buy missions to play. It isn't all bad news. The big benefit to F2P is that more people will be playing the game which means it might be easier to find teams for missions, especially STFs. Although I must say, ever since the STF queue has been added, it hasn't been too difficult to find teams. More players also means more of a social aspect to the game. Cryptic will need to try promoting their social zones more often. What are your thoughts on all this? Do you have any concerns of your own? If there are any players out there who are just starting this week, the STO Academy would love to have you join our ranks. See you around the universe!

Written by Attilio on January 16, 2012 at 08:12 am


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