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Fleet Dilithium Mine

Captain's Blog Stardate 91064.39

Any small fleets out there that have been looking for a way to make projects a bit easier? Well it's sort of coming. Cryptic is releasing a new holding for fleets which is a Dilithium Mine. It works exactly the same as the other holdings and has only three tiers and three tracks. The main Dilithium Mine track, and the Development and Trade sub-tracks. It should take the same amount of time to complete as the Embassy.

These holdings will be giving Ultra Rare Advanced and Elite Fleet equipment. Engineerinng Armor and RCS consoles will be available as well as warp and singularity cores. I had a feeling those would be coming with this holding and I'm actually very happy that they did.

Aside from all the pretty items, what's really nice about this holding is that it provides project discounts. The Trade track will provide discounts for required item and commodities in any project, while the Development track will provide Dilithium, Energy Credit, and Fleet Mark discounts. All this should be benefit any fleet since it'll reduce the amount of requirements for all projects. From what I've seen on Tribble, the discounts are 3% per tier for a total of 9% in each track.

Some screenshots of the Dilithium Mine were posted on the official STO site so if you're interested, check them out. Personally, I'm excited for the fleet warp and singularity cores. I'm sure the upcoming Dev Blog about it will provide tons more info, but this is basically what to expect.

Here's what I'd like to know. Do you think this Dilithium Mine is helpful for smaller fleets or not? Larger fleets can make do with the current project requirements so this will just make it a bit easier for them. The real problem is smaller fleets having a hard time completing the projects. What do you expect? Will this do what people hope it will or is just something fun that Cryptic decided to throw at us?

UPDATE: A new dev blog has been posted about it at

Written by Attilio on June 17, 2013 at 08:24 am


TacPaddy (Member) said...
June 17, 2013 at 09:19 am

I'm absolutely certain, that this will help smaller Fleets. Every little bit is helpful, in my opinion.
However, I wish Cryptic would have gone for a slightly higher Discount Rate. It seems, I'm not alone with this assessment, as there are lots of negative reviews on the Tribble forums.

So instead of 3% increments, I believe 4% or even 5% would have been the better choice. After all, Cryptic uses a 15% discount on a regular basis when it comes to ZEN.

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Rebo00 (Member) said...
June 17, 2013 at 10:17 am

I think it would have been better to have discounts based on members in Fleet.
Amount of members in the Fleet increases the discount decreases.
Amount of members in the Fleet decreases the discount increases.

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Davistator (Guest) said...
June 17, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Let me get this straight. Fleets will now contribute to the "Fleet Dilithium Mine" projects. Much as we do for other Starbase and Embassy projects. And all we get is a 3% discount (up to 9%) on projects. Thanks for that, but the problem with most mid-sized fleets is dilithium contribution - PERIOD. How do get your fleeties to stick a crowbar into their dil wallets and give to the fleet? I would rather see and EVENT where dilithium is earned and ALL proceeds go into a fleet dilithium bank that (much like EC). Therefore, participation in the fleet event can actually be donated to the fleet.

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tobiasosir (Guest) said...
June 17, 2013 at 07:36 pm

I think it's a good idea, and it will help small fleets--to a point. To get the discount, many small fleets may contribute wholly to their dilithium mines, excluding other projects...I don't know if the payoff will come fast enough. But who knows?

Personally, I'd like them to add some sort of feature to reduce the amount of doffs for projects. Dil is easy to get, doffs, not so much.

As for an event where dil goes directly to the fleet--I believe this holding also has a mining station, where you could presumably get between 1000-6500 dil a day. maybe that goes to the fleet?

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Archimede (Member) said...
June 18, 2013 at 04:26 am

Probably this will help big fleets rather than small ones. In fact, small fleets need to work hard to complete the dilithium mine, and what's the reward? A 9% discount for other projects? Maybe they'll spend more resources on Dil Mine than the amount they'll save with the 9% discount. Instead, big fleet will complete this new Holding in less than a month, getting advantage from the discount.

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tc10b (Member) said...
June 21, 2013 at 02:42 am

Your information is out of date. They recently changed it to a 15% maximum discount.

I think this will be a massive boon for fleets willing to work hard, large or small. As I anticipate more fleet holdings to come.

Having been involved with two small fleets which are now at T4 and T3. I don't think it will be easy, but it's meant to be a challenge.

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