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Gekli and... Nothing

Captain's Blog Stardate 89435.14

Wow... so not much going on in Star Trek Online this week. The Gekli pet was released in the C-Store but that's the biggest news haha. We were supposed to get an update on Tribble with the latest skill tree but it never came. Speaking of which, we were also supposed to get the Sabre and Raider ships in the C-Store as well but that hasn't happened. I haven't seen any word from Cryptic on this but hopefully its only been pushed back a week, especially the new skill tree. We also haven't seen any new F2P blogs from the devs, supposedly because they are very busy. Oh some good news, if you haven't seen or heard about it already all episodes in the game have a transwarp button so you can go straight to the mission area. Of course this is only on Tribble right now and won't be released on the main server yet, but it is a nice feature to have. As I said, there isn't much going on so lets hope something interesting happens this week! If you have any comments on F2P let me know.

Written by Attilio on October 30, 2011 at 08:47 pm


Dave (Guest) said...
October 31, 2011 at 10:24 am

When I was playing on Tribble Friday, I noticed that that Transwarp button was sometimes just a Travel button. I'm not sure if it was a bug (they originally decided to do Travel, changed their minds to Transwarp, and missed a mission string), intentional (close missions are Travel, where missions a sector away or farther are Transwarp), or what, but that is what happened to me.

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Attilio (Owner) said...
October 31, 2011 at 12:30 pm

I think if you are in the same sector as the mission the button says travel and you automtically set course. If you are in a different sector it will say transwarp.

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