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Into the Embassy Hive

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Two things I want to talk about this week, the new Romulan Embassy and Into the Hive. I've taken a look at both so I'll give you my first impressions. Let's start with the Romulan Embassy which can be found on New Romulus in the new sector called Tau Dewa. I am very impressed with it. You enter into the main hall which is very large and round. You may have seen screenshots of it on the official STO website. To the left and right are two rooms, a lounge/mess hall and an office with two desks. Next to each room are stairs which lead up to what seems to be a control center.

Near the entrance is a transporter and a turbolift. The turbolift can take you to the shuttle bay and to Ops. I am extremely impressed with Ops. It is a large round room with ramps that lead down to the center. You have to see it to really understand. Overall I love the Embassy fleet holding and can't wait to see what goodies are unlocked and added to it.

Now let's move on to Into the Hive, which is the newest STF. The ground portion of this mission is currently available (supposedly there will be a space portion as well) and the idea behind it is to defeat the Borg Queen. You start off by going into a room, disabling the nodes around the room and defeating the Borg. There are two floors and eight nodes in total. This is actually very simple and easy to do. If anyone dies and respawns you are put in a holding cell and your teammates need to activate a console so you can beam out.

The hard part comes when you face the Borg Queen, this entire part is extremely hard. It may have been the team I was with, or it could just be that Cryptic it made it very hard on purpose, but I found it nearly impossible. You must defeat all the Drones first, then battle the queen. When she returns to her "throne" you must battle more drones, then her again and... that's where we kept dying. If you have the chance, try it out on Tribble and see for yourself. I did enjoy it even though I didn't beat it. The mission isn't as complex as the original 3 but still enjoyable.

If you've checked out the Romulan Embassy or Into the Hive let me know your impressions!

Written by Attilio on October 29, 2012 at 08:30 am


Archimede (Member) said...
November 01, 2012 at 10:24 am

Amazing! I can't wait for these features.

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