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Lohlunat Festival 2015

Captain's Blog Stardate 93035.78

It has returned. The "Lohlunat Festival", aka the "Summer Event", aka the "Grind Party for Clothing and Equipment and a Ship". This and the Winter Event are my favorites. No matter what I still love visiting Risa each year and having some fun in the virtual sun; however does this year measure up to previous years?

This is the third year for the festival and last year there were a few additions to the island as well as events. Clearly there aren't any new events this year, but there is something new. In the northern part of the island, along the river, there is a a small camp site. I have yet to figure out what it's for, but I guess it's nice to look at. Perhaps they were/are planning on adding something. Maybe it'll appear half way through the event, at a time when some people stop visiting often.

Aside from that we have a new ship which is the first ship to have six bridge officer stations. The start of a new trend? I must say I like the idea because it adds some flexibility to your space abilities. Although the design reminds me of a crab.

Overall I'm not sure what to make of the event this year. I still have fun with it, but there is nothing new to do or see. Part of the fun from the first two years was being able to explore the island. Finding hidden caves, and playing around with the new equipment/events. What are your thoughts on it? Still having fun? Just using it for the pretty cloths and ship? Don't care at all?

Written by Attilio on June 07, 2015 at 09:20 pm


Gameverseman (Member) said...
June 08, 2015 at 01:18 am

I, too, am intrigued by the riverside tents but, aside from that, I am disappointed with this year. The Ferengi ship is very nice in my opinion but I'm not a fan of the aesthetic design. Specifically, the color scheme. but I have high hopes for it's future performance. However, the lack of any new events and the lack of remodeled existing events (Powerboard race and the nonsense flag system) leaves me worried. Sure there are improved favor payouts but that, for me, is minimal. With so little new things to do I worry that I won't have enough interest to even do the daily toward the ship. I find myself just farming favors (for a quick buck) as well as eggs and tags for marks. Last year was my first event and I couldn't do the 25 day grind. I quit after, about, 17 days. Regardless, aren't we suppose to be at war with a species that can bring our entire quadrant to extinction? I just hope that those new tents might serve as some connection to the Iconian war. Iconians invading Risa perhaps? Maybe there is a new event centered around fighting the Iconians to defend Risa? Combat during these events is not unheard of. Just look at the winter event. So, I guess, all I can say now is to be patient.

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TacPaddy (Member) replied...
June 08, 2015 at 05:30 am

I doubt, that the little Camp site has anything to do with an Iconian Invasion.
However, I'm also intrigued as to its purpose. It seems to be purely recreational as there is a Dabo Table, a 3D Chess Set and so on. I'm going to go on a stakeout and try to determine the purpose. Maybe it's for a new Accolade similar to the "Unauthorised Beach Party"? Who knows?

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Sid (Guest) said...
June 11, 2015 at 09:51 am

I always enjoy the Winter and Summer events! It is always nice when the Dev's add new attractions etc to the game! but you still get a FREE ship, if there is new attractions or not. I will not complain about any event that gives you free merchandise! :)
As for the board race, I used to get frustrated with the flag too, but now I consider it a test, not only do you have to win the race, but also have to win the flag! I don't get frustrated now by losing the flag, I just need to improve my ability to get to it 1st :)
Also my fleet also uses these events to hold out summer and winter game /fun day events. Fun in the Sun or Snow , works for me :)

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