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Looking to A New Dawn

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October 27th marks the release of Star Trek Online: A New Dawn. With it comes a whole bunch of new content. Will this content be enough to revitalize Star Trek Online? Is it only the beginning of a new direction that Cryptic will be taking? Or is this just more of the same but under a different title? Let's explore.

As I've previously mentioned, the Admiralty system is a rehash of the duty officer system. We're also getting another reputation and another mission for the PvE queue. Clearly this is more of the same. They've found a model in duty officers, reputations, and PvE queues that works and easy to implement new ones.

What I do like is the revamp of the Cardassian story arc. It will replace older episodes with newer better ones, at least that's what history has shown us. I really can't think of any revamped episodes that turned out bad. Usually it has a good story and some really cool environments. Of course this will only give us a few hours of new stuff to play.

They also have a whole new story coming our way which is going to introduce us to a whole new species. I think this is a great idea assuming it is handled correctly. Seeking out new life is what Star Trek is about, so hopefully learning about new life will definitely give us that Star Trek feeling this game has been missing.

In my honest opinion, don't get overly excited for October 27th. The initial release will be fun because of the revamped episodes but I believe that the "wow" factor will quickly phase out. The real fun should come once the new episodes start being released. Fingers crossed that these stories will have more effort put into them compared to the ending of the Iconian War.

So, is there anything you're excited for in A New Dawn?

Written by Attilio on October 18, 2015 at 10:33 pm


Rextrek (Guest) said...
October 19, 2015 at 06:22 am

Well I for one can say I'm definitely looking forward to trying the new the new episodes I've been playing Star Trek online since beta and I have a lifetime membership and this is the one game I enjoy playing it takes me out of reality and when I come home from work I might jump on and jump off and then the weekends are usually spend a couple hours playing

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Chris (Member) said...
October 19, 2015 at 02:42 pm

I agree that the episodes they have re-done have major upgrades. (Though they certainly have left bits (or whole 'old' episodes that I thought were interesting on the cutting room floor.)

I'm almost done re-running the Cardassian arc on my delta recruit, and I am curious what they will keep.

I bet that Thomas Riker's son doesn't make the cut, which is good and bad I guess.

I'll try out the Admiralty system, and try to re-open ship boxes, and get as many ships as I am due, and will try to complete the two arcs on my mains, so long as it's interesting. ; )

I am curious if they launch the new FE (not the Cardassian re-play) on the 27th, or after that?


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