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Most Threatening Enemy

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Just when I think we've reached the limit of enemies in STO, Cryptic manages to come up with a whole new enemy and a story for them. Their creativity doesn't cease to amaze me. With so many enemies it makes me wonder which do you think is the most threatening?

I've always considered the Borg to be the ultimate threat in the galaxy. The story went that the Borg were such a threat it forced the Federation and Klingon Empire to work together, even though they were at war. Now... well let's just say the Borg look like those plastic ducks at carnival games that you shoot with a water gun and they fall over. The Hive is the only Borg mission that gives me a run for my money at times, but that's all.

Then there is the Undine. When they came out during Voyager these creatures were the only thing that could really stand up to the Borg. Then in STO the Borg found a way to assimilate them and whenever we fight the regular unassimilated Undine they seem to be pretty easy.

Now the Voth are here, and while they look pretty cool and aren't the easiest to beat, I can't consider them the most threatening. They're just a cool enemy... Come on look at those uniforms and their dino pets. It's like STO meets Jurassic Park.

So who's left? The generic baddies? Tal Shiar, Gorn, Orions, NPC versions of the KDF and Fed? Those are all pretty easy. I guess we could count the Iconians as a the most threatening but we haven't faced them yet. We've just heard of them. I can't find a reason to consider them to be the most threatening.

I just can't decide. Which would you consider to be the most threatening? The enemy that puts all enemies to shame? Let me know in the comments!

Written by Attilio on November 24, 2013 at 10:10 pm


Chris (Member) said...
November 25, 2013 at 11:51 am

I think that the Iconians are most threatening enemy, even though we haven't faced them.

They have put a lot into motion, the Undine attacks, the destruction of Romulus and Remas, generating Omega Particles to perhaps stop warp travel in the galaxy, and who knows what else.

STO staff had sketched out some images in the dev blogs in the past, so I'm looking forward to trying to bring these guys to task!

I also think the Voth are cool villians, but not the big bad. They aren't coming to kill anyone, just trying to stomp us because we are messing with their plans to harvest Omega.
(Though I wish they were a bit more difficult as an end game enemy....)

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Scarlet (Guest) said...
November 25, 2013 at 09:46 pm

I agree that the Borg seem to be the greatest threat. Before I came to STO, they WERE the bigger threat.

But it makes sense to me, that for a game, Cryptic needed to make something ... tougher? Maybe more sinister than some single-minded, slow and purposeful ... blob.

The Voth, Elachi, Undine, and maybe the Iconians ... they have a plan. As cylonian as that may sound, there's something sinister about that.

Having said that, I still think it's the Borg , because even without a "plan" (per se), they are a glacier that cannot be stopped.

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Wonvertu (Member) said...
November 26, 2013 at 09:47 pm

I suspect the Iconians will turn out to be a major problem at some point. To that end, Cryptic will have to set things up so that taking on the Iconians will require coordinated fleet actions in space and true fire-team type assaults/defenses on ground missions.

Yet another question rises too. Are the Iconians descended from the Preservers efforts as well? Or are they from another source. Iconia is obviously already in play somewhat, but who destroyed that world and how. Yet another force in the cosmos that might appear to cause trouble....

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disposingjayce (Member) said...
November 27, 2013 at 10:42 am

If they extend STO into the Delta quadrant, (which it looks might happen now due to the sphere being on the edge of it). The dev's would be able to bring in a lot of havoc reeking aliens like the Vidiians for instance. can you imagine missions that would entail trying to stop this species from harvesting organs from a defenseless race.

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giantcornsnake (Member) replied...
November 28, 2013 at 06:50 am

the Vidiians were no longer a threat by the end of Voyager. The think tank mentioned they found the cure to the Phage for them (at a price). So I think while they may come back, they won't be after organs.

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BorgUnimatrix01 (Member) said...
December 10, 2013 at 10:07 am

The most threatening enemy for me is Defenatley Hakeev (in the Romulan storyline) He starts out thinking of you as an insect and you end up tormenting him in his nightmares so that he eventually sends out an entire fleet to destroy you. you never uncover the full extent of his evil influence, leaving you wondering what other horrors he has instigated and participated in. It's awesome that you get to execute him for his crimes.

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