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Sorry everyone, it will be a short blog this week due to the holidays. There are two quick things to talk about this week: the skill tree and the energy weapons. First, I checked out the energy weapons when they were released and overall they aren't bad. The stats are decent and they do look cool. At least it doesn't look like we have a lightsaber in the game. You can pick them up for free at Q's Winter Wonderland. There is a new store along the race track. Now about the skill tree. This week Cryptic released the new revamped version of the skill tree on Tribble. The first thing you will notice is that it has a new interface. Also you have tons more skill points (366,00 is the max I believe). Skills are split between space and ground, each have their own skill point cap. Ground skills will use roughly 91,000 skill points while space skills use the remaining. Please keep in mind that I am away from home right now so my numbers may be off, I'm trying to write this from memory. I like the fact that we no longer need to sacrifice skill points in either area and that we can have more balance between the two. I have also started work on updating the skill planner and will release a test version sometime this week. If you checked out the energy weapons and/or the skill tree let me know what you think. Live long and prosper.

Written by Attilio on December 25, 2011 at 09:31 pm


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