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Legacy of Romulus is here! Now the question on everyone's mind is... what's next? I say pizza but then again I'm a hungry man. Seriously though, a lot of players have already reached level 50 with their new Romulan toon. Some have finished playing all the new episodes. Others are making a second Romulan character and leveling that one. Still others (like myself) are taking their sweet time with their first toon. No matter who you are, you're wondering what comes next for STO! How can they top this?

Let me start by saying that Cryptic cannot top Legacy of Romulus this year. It is an expansion and therefore is in an entirely different league than regular Season patches. We won't see another expansion this year and I suspect we won't see one next year either. The only thing that can beat LoR is another expansion and since I don't foresee that happening by the end of 2014, then all we have to look forward to are Seasons.

This doesn't mean we won't have more great content coming, because we will. Starting sometime in June, fleets will be getting a new holding. Currently we have a Starbase and an Embassy. From the little bit that I've read, I think this holding is going to be a Dilithium Mine. Supposedly it will help us gather more Dilithium as well as reduce costs of projects. A dev blog about it will be released at the beginning of June so we'll have to wait for details, but it sounds promising. I really hope that we get some Elite Fleet Warp Cores with this new holding.

I remember the devs talking about some sort of summer event as well. It would be similar to the winter event that we've had the past 2 years, except it'll take place in a warm summer climate similar to Risa. If they are doing this I'm looking forward to it. The winter event was fun in 2011 and even better in 2012 so I can just imagine what the summer event will have. A boat race? A guy can dream, can't he?

Here's something I really want, and I'm sure I've said this in past blogs... I want a major Foundry update! Cryptic's other game, Neverwinter, has a great Foundry tool and yet STO is being left in the dust. We really need a major overhaul to it with new features and assets. It'll just make Foundry missions so much better and give people more to do.

I have three questions for all of you this week! What are you looking forward to for STO in 2013? What kinds of games would you like to see during the summer event? What do you hope to see released by the end of the year?

Written by Attilio on May 26, 2013 at 10:58 pm


Saarak (Member) said...
May 27, 2013 at 03:54 am

I would like to see the bridge officers-> captains system, and the increase to Fleet Admiral rank :p

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TacPaddy (Member) said...
May 27, 2013 at 04:56 am

Legacy of Romulus is indeed awesome. I managed to get my female Liberated Romulan Borg to Level 50 yesterday (blessed be the Mirror Universe Incursion), finished all the romulan-specific Stories and did my first Elite STF with it. The new content is incredible. Although I concentrated on my Romulan Toon, I checked some of the new Content for Klingons as well. I like it.

But now to answer your questions:
#1 Looking forward to: I'd wish Cryptic would do a slightly better job with beta-testing. Don't get me wrong. The content and stuff is fine, but I wish they had gone open beta sooner. I might have helped to prevent all the Server SNAFU, that we are currently experiencing.
#2 Summer Event: I like to see some Games, in which you can team up and/or compete against each other. How about some old fashioned Skeet shooting? Or a major Dance Contest? You know, like the one on Nimbus III but better. :)
#3 End of the Year: I like to see the Level Cap raised to at least Level 60 (Admiral), but would prefer Level 70 (Fleet Admiral).

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Warburton1881 (Member) said...
May 27, 2013 at 11:25 am

I agree with Paddy about Beta Testing. By delaying open testing until just before the launch of LoR, Cryptic made it far less likely that problems would be identified while there was still time to fix them before launch. It also made it harder to complete the cycle of new missions before the new missions came to Holodeck.

As for the Foundry, it seems to have gone backwards. I looked for Spotlight Missions last night and found ONE. None of the previous Spotlight Missions were even in the regular mission menu.

My wishes for the coming year would be: (1) A major reduction in the Dilithium cost of crafting; (2) Affordable fleet uniforms. The 16000 Dilithiun cost is equal to about 5,000,000 EC. For 40,000 EC you can usually find a Tier Four starship on the Exchange. Also, the fleet uniform unlock should be an account wide unlock, just like the C Store uniforms; (3) Fix the Exchange so that it reliably displays the prices people are charging for items, rather than showing different prices to different people for the same item at the same time; and, (4) My new wish, fix the Mail System so that I can once again delete obsolete messages. I have over a hundred messages form the Exchange that are just clogging up my mail box. When I sent a Bug Report, nothing happened. When I sent a request for Tech Support, I got a canned message saying that in-game support (at least for this type of issue) is no longer available and that I would be receiving an E-Mail from PWE. Based on past experience, the E-Mail will read, "Thank you for your input. This game, whichever one it is that you are writing about, is an evolving game. You may be able to find an answer to your issue, whatever it is, by randomly searching our poorly indexed Forum pages. Please be assured that no human has looked at, let alone addressed, your request for help. Signed, PWE Support Team."

Not wanting to end on a low note, I have to say I really like the new content in STO. The Romulan missions are well designed and the Wasteland series looks interesting (I haven't had occasion to try it yet, but I soon will). Right now, I'm leveling up a couple of Romulan toons so I can take full advantage of my Legacy Pack.

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Wonvertu (Member) said...
May 27, 2013 at 09:44 pm

There's any number of things I would be wanting to see. I'd like to see crafting enabled for Mk XII items for example. Crafting Warp Cores and Singularity Cores would be good too.

But to be realistic, I'll settle for the Militia getting our shipyard to IV so I can upgrade the Mjolnir's hull to fleet class.

I'm not going to razz the devs too much (except maybe about that bogus 750z charge for customizing a ship that you already owned poppin up) as I know how many things have to be covered on any major release of a program. Doesn't matter how hard you try, there will always be something that crops up nobody thought of.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying chasing all of my characters around the Cosmos. Engage!

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Attilio (Owner) replied...
May 29, 2013 at 05:21 pm

That Zen charge is not for the customization, but to buy the ship that unlocks those options. For example if you buy the Thunderchild class, it unlocks the Thunderchild ship options for other Heavy Escorts. So if I were to customize a Heavy Escort and choose Thunderchild options, it'll ask me to purchase that ship in order to unlock those options.

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Lt.Cmdr.Koldwell (Guest) said...
May 28, 2013 at 12:47 pm

I found that I can delete messages in Champions Online, so that's currently how I'm managing my Inbox. They had this problem before after the last major update as well.

The foundry will be fixed shortly, I'm sure it's just like last time as well.

1) Looking forward to having something to do on Risa if they put the Summer event there.
2) Some kind of water balloon fight, like the snowball fights at Winter. That was awesome. I also loved the Epo racing event at winter, so something like that were we race other players would be nice.
3) Foundry updates. They have to be coming, but I've not gotten to see them in Neverwinter to know any context.

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martinison (Member) said...
May 28, 2013 at 03:51 pm

Server improvements and bug fixes, period! Worry about new content when the current content is running smoothly. After that, perhaps some upgrades to the crafting system.

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Mayhem3000 (Member) said...
May 29, 2013 at 05:55 am

If the summer event is at a beach on Risa, then a surfing contest, Tribble volley ball games and Bloodwine pong comes to mind.

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ChrisHerr (Member) said...
May 30, 2013 at 12:30 pm

I certainly am looking forward to what they do in the Summer Event!

(Especially if they have some epohh or something that help with Romulan Marks or Nukara Marks [raising little spiders?]
Getting the Winter Epohh were certainly cute to collect, and were a great booster for getting through the Romulan Reputation system for most of my characters.
A boost like that would make doing the Nukara reputation much easier for 5 characters.)

Tribble volleyball would be excellent!

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LooseDHC (Guest) said...
May 31, 2013 at 02:40 pm

I want a revamp of the mail system or that make it accessible from outside the game. An extensive update to the Foundry would be a bless for the game also. I would like to see more set added so we can have many more variety in the configurations of the ships. More bling to KDF would be nice, just 1 uniform in the Z-store doesn't cut it. Maybe they can implement the first officer/companion system they have talked about in the past. More options in the Alien creator would be awesome too. Perhaps a way to force/ enhance players need to interaction in the social areas of the game. A final fix to the launcher autoupdate problem? I actually can't get into the game since my launcher won't connect/update

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ctrounds (Member) said...
May 31, 2013 at 06:51 pm

Also, I agree with Saarak about the bridge officers advancing to Captain Status, as well as, my character advance to Fleet Admiral.

Also, I would like to revamp on the earlier missions, as well as, the Introduction missions into a storyline that includes cutscenes. I feel that there are missions, which Cryptic can enhance the mission by creating a cutscene in particular areas throughout the mission. For instance, The mission "Past Imperfect" they can place a cutscene in which as the away team mission is going through the Guardian that the away team wonders how they got back on the ship. At the same time, there is a bridge officer receiving a distress signal from the Enterprise asking for assistance. Then, my character has my ship go to red alert, orders the tactical to prepare, and helmsman plots a course towards the Enterprise. The cutscene ends by having my flagship steers toward the direction of the Enterprise. Then, it pans towards the Enterprise as the Klingons are firing at the ship. Then, the mission starts. Also, I wish that Cryptic can fine a way to be able to play the Introduction mission in such a way that anyone can play it again. Of course, the storyline will be altered a bite. However, there are times, which I would like to play it again, but not go through the learning process of the game.

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