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October 2012's Ask Cryptic

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Hey everyone! It's that time again, the latest Ask Cryptic has been released. I'm really interested in this Reputation system (aka Personal Advancement System) so I'm glad that we've been given some more details about it. From what I understand, it will work very similar to the current Fleet Advancment System except it will be just for you. Instead of holdings, it will have reputations. When it is released there will be two reputations, Romulans and Omega Fleet.

You will have to contribute to these projects and when they are complete your reputation will increase, just like the fleet system. Of course, by increasing your reputation you will gain new rewards. I think this is a great way to get new items, bridge officers, etc. and it also adds another dimension to the end game. What is nice is that the items needed to contribute can be found in their respective areas. For example, items needed to contribute to the Omega Fleet reputation can be found in the STFs and it provides STF rewards. Romulan reputation items can be found by helping Romulan colonists in Season 7. Overall it sounds simple enough and fun. I should mention that the Omega Fleet reputation will be the new way of getting STF rewards.

Aside from this there was some mention of future changes to the game. One of which is the custom ground kits. Not a lot of details are out on this, but essentially players will be able to completely customize their ground kits instead of buying a premade kit like we have now. It was also said that once Cryptic feels end game content is where it needs to be before they will increase the level cap, but they do have plans for it.

As always, I suggest giving the Ask Cryptic a quick read. There is a lot of info and I can't cover it all. So, what do you think about this Reputation system?

Written by Attilio on October 07, 2012 at 11:12 pm


ChrisHerr (Member) said...
October 08, 2012 at 04:50 pm

I'm excited about Season 7, and am still curious how the Vesta will fit in, since it launches the same day. (I assume C-Store, but you never know...)

I do hope that the reputations systems are not a resource sink like the starbases. Don't get my wrong, I think the starbase idea is fine, especially since you might have one person who generates alot of fleet marks for the fleet, and another who just donates dilithium; but I hope we wound have that level of individual grind. [10000 dilithium and 30 uncommon drops from the Romulan missions to get to the next mission!]

But I hope that it will be somewhat balanced. ; )

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