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Perfect World Part 2

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A really hot topic lately seems to be about Atarti selling Cryptic to Perfect World. Not much is known about the company so I did a little research into them. First off, all their games are free to play and they make money through something similar to the C-Store where players can buy all types of items for cash. Probably the biggest concern among players is what will happen to their Atari Tokens? Perfect World's version of Atari Tokens is called Zen and is purchased with real money. Players buy Zen then they can buy items for various purposes. The interesting thing is that their game, Torchlight, does not use Zen. The reason is because Perfect World purchased Runic Games which is the developer of Torchlight and now Perfect World publishes that game. So why does that matter? It�s the same thing that is going on with Cryptic. Perfect World is purchasing Cryptic and will be the publisher of their games (STO, Champion's Online (CO), etc.). Based on this I'm going to assume that since Torchlight doesn't use the Perfect World currency than neither will STO. I'm also assuming that our Atari Tokens might actually be called Cryptic Points in the future. Another thing to keep in mind is that Cryptic and Atari know in which game Atari Tokens are purchased from. There have been a few instances in which Atari Tokens could be used in STO or CO but not in the other game. This leads me to believe that any Atari Tokens purchased through Cryptic will be kept by Cryptic and its players. I truly believe that none of us will lose our Atari Tokens. Cryptic wouldn't let that happen because it�s just bad business. As a side note, I haven't been able to check the price on Zen yet, but when I do I will update this post so keep an eye on it during the week. One other good point is that this could mean Star Trek Online will be going Free to Play. Don't jump to conclusions yet! There is currently a Free to Play model for CO which allows both free and paid subscriptions. Players who have a paid subscription get some added bonuses such as unlimited character slots, free monthly Atari Tokens, etc. So this acquisition by Perfect World could mean that STO will be headed down that path. Frankly I'm looking forward to that. I think this will be a good thing for Cryptic and all of us who play their games. At the very least everything stays the way it is, but only time will tell. Let me know your thoughts and concerns about all this. UPDATE: Two things to report. First I found out that the Zen are worth $1 per point, which is more expensive then Atari Tokens, however I don't see that affecting STO. Speaking of Atari Tokens, Cryptic just released a patch saying that Atari Tokens are being changed to Cryptic Poitns and all our Tokens/Points are still valid. In other words we aren't losing our Tokens.

Written by Attilio on August 07, 2011 at 10:12 pm


Davistator (Guest) said...
August 08, 2011 at 09:05 am

I not in favor of STO being free to play. This invites spammers and the like to leach into our playing time, taking up bandwidth, and just generally causing mayhem. Do we really want that to be forced upon us during the time we spend to have fun? Some of us have little time to ourselves with the pressures of work and family constantly upon us. Would any of us choose to spend that precious time with jerks? I don't think so.

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Pyrazol (Guest) said...
August 08, 2011 at 10:19 am

Well I'm guessing they would upgrade their hardware to accomodate for these "spammers". The upside is, though, that the game will also be getting new players and probably more than what it would get with a subscription-only model. It will feel livelier and imho that can only be good.
I think f2p would be great for STO.

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Attilio (Owner) said...
August 08, 2011 at 12:33 pm

Right now anyone can get a 30 day free trial by purchasing the game which means spammers could do it.

As a matter of fact when the game was first released we were overrun with spammers. Cryptic did their magic and the spammers vanished. See I don't think it would invite spammers. Even if it does, their are preventive measures in place.

Also, Champion's Online is the first Cryptic game to free to play and as far as I know they don't have spammers.

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Sid (Guest) said...
August 11, 2011 at 09:20 am

Just think of all the good gamers out there who cannot afford to subscribe! Although there are spammers, there are also gamers who would bring new character's, personalities and lessen wait times to the game. With every bit of bad there is always some good.

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Mabon (Guest) said...
August 15, 2011 at 03:09 am

Current exchange rates:

Perfect World
1 ZEN = 1 Silver
100 Silver = 1 Gold

Jade Dynasty
1 ZEN = 1 Jaden Silver
100 Jaden Silver = 1 Jaden

Ether Saga Odyssey
1 ZEN = 1 E-Cent
100 E-Cent = 1 E-Buck

Battle of the Immortals
1 ZEN = 1 ZEN
100 ZEN = 100 ZEN

Heroes of Three Kingdoms
1 ZEN = 1 Silver Ingot
100 Silver Ingots = 1 Jaden

Forsaken World
100 ZEN = 40 Eyrda Leaf

Legend of Martial Arts
1 ZEN = 1 Silver
100 Silver = 1 Gold

Rusty Hearts
1 ZEN = 1 ZEN
100 ZEN = 100 ZEN

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Attilio (Owner) said...
August 15, 2011 at 05:09 pm

So basically in each game 1 Zen is worth different things. Interesting.

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VortexxDragon (Guest) said...
August 31, 2011 at 12:35 pm

Check out any of the PWE F2P games, you will need special chat abilities to spam anything, this will prevent people from just dropping in and deleting after they're gone. It's the people who post stupid, meaningless banter that makes me worry. I heard talk of lifers and subs to get some kind of bonus for there previous investments, so everyone please... Quit your crying.

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Attilio (Owner) said...
September 01, 2011 at 10:08 am

Just to clarify, its not a bonus to compensate for a previous investment, anyone who subscribes even after we get F2P will get perks, like monthly c-points

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