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It is the final countdown. By the 8th of December we should see all of the amazing changes (which I am calling Season 4.75) released on Holodeck! This past week has been a slow week in STO news and we can only hope that it is a good sign. The devs are probably working hard to get some final bug fixes released early next week so that they can make final preparations to released Season 4.75. I know that's what I am doing. I've been working hard trying to get as much stuff ready for the website as possible so that when Season 4.75 is released I can immediately update the site. My first and major concern is making sure the Skill Planner is completely up to date (which it seems to be), as well as updated interactive maps and various guides. My biggest project is updating the item database... but enough about me. Something I have been seeing a lot about recently is a debate between people saying F2P will or will not bring in new players. Personally, I believe F2P will bring in MANY new players but the trick is to keep them. Cryptic needs to keep updating the game and releasing new episodes and other content in order to keep a strong player base. Without this they won't be able to increase the number of subscribers. I think that is the biggest reason why people are saying that F2P won't change anything. They believe Cryptic does not have the ability to update the game fast enough for the players and therefore will lose customers. Either way I think everyone agrees that Cryptic will need to step up their game and prove that they can keep up with the demand. What do you think will happen when F2P is released in January? UPDATE It has just been announced that this release will be called "Season 5: Call to Arms".

Written by Attilio on November 27, 2011 at 11:47 pm


Warburton1881 (Guest) said...
November 28, 2011 at 04:02 pm

I know that F2P is likely to attract at least one "new" player. My son, who introduced me to the game, had to quit for financial reasons. He is planning to get back into the game once it goes F2P.

I suspect that most of the people who are predicting a poor result for F2P are the same people who spend their time posting mostly inaccurate criticisms of the game on the STO forums.

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Attilio (Owner) said...
November 30, 2011 at 08:33 am

I'm sure there are many people who will be joining the game after it goes F2P. Who wouldn't want to try out a free game, especially if they are a Star Trek fan.

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samueldavidson (Member) said...
November 30, 2011 at 11:51 pm
Conversion of pre-Season 5 currencies to Dilithium

There has been a lot of speculation about how the various pre-Season 5 currencies are being converted to Dilithium. Rather than have people continue to guess about the conversion, we would like to share the formulas with you all.

The first step is to calculate a base amount of Dilithium for a character. The formula is:

Base Value = Emblems * 268.8 + Marks * 161.28 + Medals * 10.752 + Badges * 10.752 + Merit * 0.1344

So where did these numbers come from? They reflect several factors being considered in the creation of the new Dilithium economy.

The biggest concern was that the older currencies were not metered well because they existed only in isolated sub-economies. In order the ensure that the mainstream economy is stable after conversion, we needed to consider how much of each of those currencies was in the overall economy, and scale the conversion values in a way that would not start the new Season 5 economy in an unstable state.

The other factor for the numbers was the change in value of the currencies. By moving these currencies from being useful only in very narrow circumstances, to making them have game-wide value, we were inherently increasing the value of the currencies. For instance, Dilithium can be exchanged for C-Points, granting you access to C-Store Items. Additionally, less valuable currencies (Marks, Badges, Medals, Merit) are now being added to the Dilithium pool. Most of these deprecated economies were previously useless to high ranked players, but now add buying power as Dilithium. As such, a certain amount of devaluation was appropriate. Finding the right amount was interconnected with the issue of the overall health of the economy.

The second step is to determine how the Dilithium is awarded.

For any amount up to 128,000, we granted a +25% bonus on the awarded value and gave it all away as Refined Dilithium. For example, a player whose Base Value was 3,200 would get 4,000 Refined Dilithium. The 25% bonus was done as a way to help the many players who had only a little coming their way get a leg up in the new economy. 99.220% of characters fell into this category, with almost every character getting some Dilithium as a result of the conversion.

For any amount between 128,000 and 896,000, the character gets 50% in Refined Dilithium and 50% in Dilithium Ore. The choice to give out some Dilithium Ore instead of giving out entirely in Refined Dilithium was done as a way to control the rate at which Dilithium enters the economy. By giving out some in the form of Ore, it will take some time for that Dilithium to be refined and enter the overall economy. 0.773% of characters fall into this category.

For any amount over 896,000, the character gets 50% in Refined Dilithium, and the other 50% is discarded. This was a hard choice for us. We could have left the 50% going to Ore, but the bottom line is some of these characters had so much Dilithium that there was a very strong risk of them damaging the economy for everyone else. Balancing the new economy to account for this much Dilithium would mean weakening the buying power of over 99% of the population. We decided to cap the Ore production at 48 days, and simply drop it after that point, as it actually did not hold any real value in that state. 0.007% of characters fall into this category.

The small number of characters that fall into the last two categories will also be receiving a special set of gifts. These are our way of thanking those players who really exercised the pre-Dilithium game play.

Each character in the last two categories will receive a �Veteran Bridge Officer Reassignment Form� in their inventory. This form allows you to claim a special veteran bridge officer. Starfleet captains can claim this veteran from Elsa Mora on Earth Space Dock, and Klingon Defense Force captains can claim the veteran from V�Qlar on Qo�noS. The veteran is a very rare (purple) officer who has two unique traits: Space Warfare Specialist, which provides a skill bonus to Starship Maneuvers, Starship Targeting Systems, Starship Energy Weapons, and Starship Projectile weapons; and Veteran, which grants a team bonus to damage, dodge, and avoidance.

Veterans are available as both males and females, in engineering, science, and tactical varieties, so you can find one that fits the needs of your specific play style. Federation veterans are humans and have the species traits of Leadership and Teamwork, while Imperial veterans are Klingons with the species traits of Warrior and Honorable.

The veteran also comes equipped with a Mk XII very rare rifle and personal shield, as well as Mk XII rare body armor. These items are bound, but you ca

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