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Skill Revisions and Dilithium

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As I am sure you all know, I developed the skill planner on this site so when changes are made to the skill tree in game I am always on top of it. Well this week the skill tree was updated on Tribble to make space skills work better. So far I am impressed with the update. It no longer focuses on specific ships, instead it focuses on specific areas of the ship (for example Weapons or Shields). You have some skills which boost shield strenght, others which boost weapons, etc. They also got rid of the damage types for weapons that way it doesn't cost too many skill points to use different damage types. They also raised the skill point cap by 50 points and changed the cost of skill points in each tier. For example, tier 1 skills used to cost 100 skill points, now they cost 150. I am happy with the changes because Cryptic is headed in the right direction with them. In a future update they will be revamping the ground skills as well, but I think they want to get the space skills as close to perfection as possible first. In case anyone is wondering, I am currently working on a Beta version of the new skill planner based on the updates on Tribble. Now on to other matters, the Dilithium Exchange. This was just added to Tribble and it allows players to trade their Dilithium for C-Points (or the other way around) with other players. Prices are set by players and so far it looks like players believe 1 C-Point is worth between 300 and 400 Dilithium. Needless to say, that's a lot. Perhaps the market would be more competitive once it reaches Holodeck, but if F2P players want 300 C-Points they'll be spending nearly 100,000 Dilithium! I don't know if it's worth it. What are your thoughts on the new skill tree and the Dilithium Exchange?

Written by Attilio on November 06, 2011 at 11:05 pm


Warburton1881 (Guest) said...
November 08, 2011 at 03:18 pm

I like the new skill tree much better than the old one. The new names for everything are going to take some getting used to, but the elimination of the many ship specific/weapon specific skills amkes learning the new language worthwhile. I like being able to switch from a Star Cruiser to an Exploration Cruiser Retrofit without having to respec in order to make the most use of my skills. The same goes for weapons. I frequently pick up weapons that are a different type than what is on my ship. I can now use whatever mix of weapons gives me the most firepower without having to worry about putting skills on two or three different beam or torpedo weapons.

As for the Dilithium Exchange, I like the idea of it and I am using it regularly to get DOff packs from the C-Store for my Klingon Captain who I am trying to promote to Vice Admiral. I agree that the prices are a little high for the exchange, but that tends to be a problem with any hard-to-get items in the STO economy. The basic problem is that when you are dealing with play money, people don't economize the way they do (hopefully) with real money. The place I see it the most is in the outrageous prices for DOff's on the Exchange. I saw a purple DOff listed for 650,000,000 EC and that may not be the most expensive because the Exchange only lists the cheapest 400 items.
Bridge Officers, on the other hand, are selling for a dime a dozen, even the purple ones. That's undoubtably because BOff's are relatively easy to get on Tribble and you have few characters to use them on. Right now, one of my characters has four for sale on the exchange just because i have nowhere else to put them and I'm too much of a miser to just throw them away.

Oh well, for all its problems, the new economy seems to work well overall and the new changes to the game are almost all improvements as far as I'm concerned, especially the skill tree.

Live long, prosper, and
sell me some really cheap


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