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State of the Game Sept Highlights

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This past week Cryptic released the State of the Game which talks about what has been happening in STO and what will be happening. Most of the stuff I have already talked about such as the new STF (Into the Hive), the personal Advancement System, a new fleet holding, and more. Of course there are most ships coming, new loot, and more duty officer packs.

One thing mentioned that I am really interestedin is a new Foundry Spotlight feature. From what I understand, Cryptic is working on a better way to integrate Foundry missions into the game. Each week Cryptic annoucnes a new Foundry Spotlight mission which they feel is great. Cryptic would like to integrate these missions into the game, possibly even into the story arc to fill content gaps. I think this is a great idea because there are tons of amazing missions being created by users. So I look forward to these changes.

Two other things I am looking forward to are the Winter Event and the 3 Year Anniversay Event. Last Year Cryptic held a Winter Event which I felt was loads of fun. It took place in Q's Winter Wonderland where players could race around a track, look at snowmen, and buy some new items. I almost forget, we could even go ice skating! According to the State of the Game, this year's event will be updated so I hope they add more fun things to do while leaving the old things in there as well.

As for the 3 Year Anniversary Event, these always prove to be great. This past year Cryptic gave away a free Odyssey ship to everyone (which is the Odyssey that you can now buy through Fleets). Of course Q was at the event giving away things and changing people into Targs, Devidians, Horta, and more. I always enjoy these events because you see tons of people on who are celebrating STO.

I think Cryptic is headed in a good direction. There development team is growing and I think they know what the community wants. Let's hope that the end of 2012 and all of 2013 will bring great things to STO. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Written by Attilio on September 23, 2012 at 10:13 pm


Warburton1881 (Member) said...
September 24, 2012 at 10:56 am

I don't have the broad long term perspective of some of you who have been with the game since its inception, but with my 600 Day commendation coming up next week, I can honestly say that STO is a better game now than it was when I joined back in early 2011. Sure, I have my pet peeves, such as the sad state of Crafting and the unreliability of the Exchange, but there have been many more improvements. The advent of F2P has brought many more players into the game, making it possible for fleets like ours to carry out group events that were just not possible twenty months ago. There is also much more content in the form of story missions, fleet events, STF events and, of course, many more Foundry missions. The transition from the old multiple currencies to Dilithium has made the ingame economy much more logical and easier to use. Sure, there are still problems and there are still features that some people don't like, but there have been many more improvements than setbacks. I look forward to the year.

Warburton 1881
Career Officer

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