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Rewards, Announcements, and Borg... Oh my!

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Android Bridge Officer wooooooo!! That's correct, they will be finally coming to Star Trek Online, but only for people who have been subscribed to the game for 700 days. This past week Cryptic announced Veteran rewards for the 700, 800, 900, and 1000 day marks. I'll be honest, the Android officer is probably the best reward out of all of them. Some of the other rewards include varients for uniforms, starships, and starship materials. Nothing too spectacular unfortunately. F2P was also announced to be released on January 17, so now we have a date to expect it. The brightside to this? A lot of the content that is being tested on Tribble will make its way to Holodeck the first week of December which is good. At least now we'll have something new on Holodeck. Don't tell anyone, but I am also guessing that the new featured series will be released by the end of the year... shhhhh. I could be completely wrong on that since it is only a guess. We are also getting the monthly 400 C-Point stipend starting on December 1st. The stipend won't be given to everyone on exactly December 1st, instead on the anniversary of your account. The way I understand it, if your account was created on the 10th of the month then staring December 10th you'll get your stipend and will continue getting it the 10th of each month. Finally, Cryptic released a new event in the Defera sector which is a Borg invasion. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to play it since I am away from home but it looks interesting. There are four different maps each with its own unique objective. You can either play it alone or with a team of five people. If anyone has played this event on Tribble yet feel free to let me know how it is. Feel free to give me your feedback on all of this.

Written by Attilio on November 14, 2011 at 12:07 am


Warburton1881 (Guest) said...
November 14, 2011 at 04:04 pm

This may be a duplicate post, because I thought I sent one about an hour ago, but I don't see it on the web page.

I have done some of the Borg Invasion missions on Defera and they are not bad at all. There are some bugs, most noticible of which are that only htree of the four maps seem to be working and the rewards at the end of the mission don't materialize. As you do the missions, you get unique crafting supplies which are supposed to be able to eb turned in for equipment and weapons at a crafting booth in the Borg Invasion area. The problem is that when you click to buy the items, nothing happens. I hope they fix it soon.

As for the missions, the easy ones can be done with little difficulty by a solo player. The one medium difficulty mieeion I tried (Rescue the Prisoners in the Power Plant), turned out to be very hard for only one player. You have to fight your way to the prisoners, defeat their guards, release them from their force fields, THEN lead them back through a horde of angry Borg to the transporter. I wasn't able to actually rescue even one prisoner, even though I respawned a couple of times. The mission briefing recommends using at least two or three players on this mission, and I believe that would make it easy enough to complete without undue difficulty.

On the easy missions, the instructions are fairly simple. One trick I discovered on the power plant missions is to retreat a lot. There are consoles you have to disable that spawn a pair of Borg as soon as you start to interact with them. By circling around the room, you can draw away the Borg guardians and return to the console with no interference from the other Borg in the room. Similarly, in the other mission to seal the laeks in the dilithium tanks, the Borg guards can be drawn off by firing at them and then backing up. That way if you don't destroy them, you can simply run through them to the tank and seal the leak before they return. Sometimes a new pair of Borg will came to guard the tank, but they can be dealt with the same way.

Another mission is to sort crates in the Temple area and then transport them to various locations. The transporter needs to be encrypted for each package once you have collected them all. The encryption is a really simple variation on Rubic's Cube, with two rows of three symbols which have to be matched up with the colors at the bottom of the screen. The easiest way to sort these out is to set up the top row with the pattern Blue, Green, White, then if the bottom row is out of sequence, simply move the top row until you can drop the proper color into the bottom row. Once you have both rows in the proper sequence, move the top row to the right, if need be, to align the columns and, finally, drop any blocks in the first or second column that are upside down. It's easier to do than to describe.

The other mission area is the City. There, you have to kill a bunch of Borg and reprogram secveral defensive turrets. There are only three of four turrets and you have to upload data to them fifteen times, so you can just move from one to another until you're done. The turrets are along the sides of the building directly in front of you when you beam into the City.

Live long and prosper,


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Attilio (Owner) said...
November 16, 2011 at 05:29 pm

Thanks for the info Warburton. I'm not suprised there are bugs in those missions, but I'm sure the'll be fixed. Hopefully I can test them out next week.

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