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Temporal Ships & "On Screen!"

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Hey everyone! I just want to quickly let you know that next week's blog won't be released Sunday evening as I normally do because I'll be on the plan on my way back home from the Star Trek convention. Instead I'll release it sometime on Monday after I get back.

Speaking of the convention, I have to admit I'm very excited and it's all I've been thinking about! I'll attempt to write the rest of this blog without mentioning the convention.

The new Romulan temporal vessels were released this week. Does anyone else think that the R'Mor looks like the Wells? I think it's the skin, but as soon as I saw it I had to look twice because I thought it was the same ship. Don't get me wrong, it looks very sleek and fits the typical Romulan style but the skin isn't very Romulan-esque. The Talvath, on the other hand, has a better skin. Between the two I would say that it looks more like a Romulan ship.

The stats on both seem good, but they are similar to the Federation and KDF temporal ships so that's no surprise. It's the same thing as the Veteran Romulan ship. Even that is essentially a copy of the Federationa and KDF versions, which is understandable.

Episode 3 of "On Screen!" was also released. I think they did a much better job with it than in Episode 2. It seemed like their conversation was more fluid and less forced. I guess they are still trying to "find their voice". At least they are doing something nice for players which I appreciate. Let's be honest, it isn't necessary for them to release these videos. Just by following the dev blogs you'll know what's going on with the game, but these videos are a good way for players who don't follow the blogs to get a glimpse at how the game is progressing.

If anyone has used either of the Romulan temporal ships then feel free to let me know what you think of them. Also if you have any thoughts about "On Screen!" you can share them as well. With that being said I shall end the blog and go have sweet dreams about the Star Trek convention

... so much for writing the rest of the blog without mentioning it.

Written by Attilio on August 04, 2013 at 10:18 pm


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