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Upgrading Ships

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For a while players had talked about being able to upgrade your older ships (tier 1 to tier 5), kind of like refitting or retrofitting them. There was a lot of debate on it and eventually the devs said something along the lines of "we talked to CBS and agreed it�s not a good idea". Everyone pretty much accepted it and went on their merry way. Honestly I haven't heard much about it anymore. Today, however, I started thinking about shuttles. From my understanding, if you buy a shuttle at the rank of Lieutenant its stats level up with you. So when you have reached Vice Admiral / Lt. General your shuttle is stronger than it was when you first purchased it. Then I thought, why can't this be applied to all other ships? Before I answer that let me go back in time. One of the biggest problems with the retrofitting/refitting idea was that a tier 1 ship, lets say the Light Cruiser, should not be able to defeat a tier 5 ship like the Prometheus. In all honesty thats realistic and fair. Still, there is the lingering problem that we have these useless ships for 10 levels before upgrading them to the next useless ship. What if these too "leveled up" as we level up? I'm not talking about increasing the amount of Bridge Officers assigned to the ship, nor the number of weapons, consoles, etc. I'm talking about basic stats like hull and speed. These would make the ship stronger but still not overpowered. Basically we would be applying the same principle of shuttles to all ships. I just feel that these ships are useless. I know that there are plans once we can reach Fleet Admiral there will be a way to control these ships like we do with our away team, but that can still be a very long way off. In the meantime let me fly my NX-01 and feel that I won't blow up the instant I face a Borg cube... What are your thoughts on this idea?

Written by Attilio on September 25, 2011 at 09:20 pm


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