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A2B - Auxiliary to Battery

aa - Anti-aliasing. A technique for minimizing distortions.

Ab - Ambush (Tactical Ability)

ability - In Star Trek Online abilities are either passive or active. Passive abilities happen automatically by chance while active abilities must be clicked to activate them.

ablative armor - A type of protective hull plating used on starships, which possesses a capability for rapidly dissipating the energy impacts from directed energy weapon fire.

able crewmen - In Star Trek Online, able crewmen are members of the ship's crew which can work to repair the subsystems of the ship.

academy - A place for special training.

acc - Accuracy

accept - Consent to receive

accolade - An award granted as an acknowledgement of accomplishing something.

account bank - In Star Trek Online this is a bank that can be accessed by all characters in an account. Gold members get a few free account bank slots. Silver members need to buy slots from the store.

accuracy - How precise something is. In Star Trek Online, you're accuracy determines how close you are to shooting your target.

acronym - A word formed by the initials of other words.

admiral - The rank in a military organization, usually between Vice Admiral and Fleet Admiral.

AE - Advanced Escort

aegis - A special set in Star Trek Online that can be crafted at Memory Alpha. It is made up of a shield, deflector, and engine. When all three are equipped the ship gets added bonuses.

Aenar - A species similar to the Andorians who also live on Andoria. They have very pale skin and were completely blind but could still see through other means.

AF - Aceton Field (Engineering Ability)

affirmative - agree with something that was said

AFK - Away from Keyboard

aft - The back of a ship.

aft shields - The shields covering the back of a ship.

AG - Anesthizine Gas (Science Ability)

ageis - A large collar, cape, or shield worn in ancient Greek times to display the protection provided by a high religious authority.

AGGRO - short for aggression

agriculture - The science and practice of farming.

agro - To aggravate an enemy NPC so it will attack you.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

aim - Point or direct something at a desired target.

aim mode - The mode in Star Trek Online which allows players to point and shoot at enemies with the mouse. The default key to access this is "B".

ajilon - A system located in the Archanis Sector.

alchemy - The transformation of matter during the medieval times. It was the predecessor of chemistry.

alcove - A small hole in the wall. The Borg used alcoves to regenerate.

ale - A kind of beer with a higher amount of alcohol and a bitter taste.

alhena - A trinary blue star system located in the Donatu Sector of the Eta Eridani Sector Block.

alien - A species not from your home world.

alpha - The first letter of the Greek alphabet

Alpha Quadrant - One-quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy which contains the Sol System.

alt - Alternate

ambassador - A diplomat send by one organization to another as a representative.

amp - Short for amplify

Andor - A planet that was home to the Andorian Agricultural Ministry

andorian - A race from the Alpha quadrant. They have blue skin and two antennas on their head. They are one of the founding races of the federation.

android - A robot which was designed to look human.

anesthesia - An artificially induced state which renders a person immune to pain for a period of time.

anesthizine gas - A type of gas that could put a humanoid to sleep.

annular - In the ship of a ring or circle.

anomaly - Something that doesn't conform to the normal.

antimatter - A substance that was the exact opposite of another substance. It is commonly used to describe how warp drive works.

antimatter conversion - The process of converting antimatter into kinetic energy.

antiproton - Is a substance which is the antimatter counterpart of a proton. Many ships use antiproton weapons. Some cloaking devices leave antiprotons.

antiproton weapons - A weapon which fires antiprotons (the opposite of protons). It could be a very destructive weapon.

AoE - Area of Effect

ap - Antiproton

APA - Attack Pattern Alpha (Tactical Ability)

APB - Attack Pattern Beta (Tactical Ability)

APD - Attack Pattern Delta (Tactical Ability)

APO - Attack Pattern Omega (Tactical Ability)

arc - A part of a circumference

array - An arrangement of things in a particular order.

AS - Abandon Ship

assignment points - The Duty Officer system only allows players to have 20 assignments that are active. Each assignment uses 1 point and players are given 20 points.

assimilate - To absorb or integrate into something else.

assimilation - Becoming part of something larger.

astrometric - A lab on starships used for stellar cartography.

astrometrics - A lab on starships used for stellar cartography.

Astrophysicist - An astronomer who studies the physical properties of space

AtB - Auxiliary to Battery (Engineering Ability)

AtD - Auxiliary to Dampeners (Engineering Ability)

ATM - At The Moment

atom - The basic unit of a chemical element.

AtS - Auxiliary to Structural (Engineering Ability)

augment - Improve something by adding to it.

auto - Without the need of an individual to control something.

Aux - Auxiliary. Backup Power.

auxiliary - Support or backup. Auxiliary power is secondary power to perform a task.

Auxiliary power - Additional power, sometimes used as a backup.

away party - A group of officers who leave the ship usually for a mission.

away team - A group of officers who leave the ship usually for a mission.

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