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backup - 1) Help or support. 2) A secondary copy of something which is kept safe in case the primary copy is lost.

badge - An emblem worn to mark an officer, membership, etc.

BAFaW - Beam Array Fire at Will (Tactical Ability)

bag - A container, usually flexible, used to carry items.

Bajor - An M-class planet in the Bajor system and home to the Bajorians.

bajoran - A humanoid species from the planet Bajor who believed in the Prophets.

bank - A place for storing items, money, etc.

BAO - Beam Array Overload (Tactical Ability)

bat'leth - A klingon blade weapon that can be wielded wit one or two hands. The English translation is "sword of honor".

bathlet - A common misspelling of bat'leth.

batleth - A common misspelling of bat'leth.

battery - A device in Star Trek Online which boosts power to one or more subsystems (weapons, shields, engines, or auxiliary).

battle - A fight between large organized forces.

battle cloak - An ability in Star Trek Online that lets players cloak during battle.

battle group omega - A combined fleet of Klingon and Starfleet ships in the Gamma Orionis sector set up to battle the Borg.

BD - Big Dig (Fleet Action)

beacon - A device used as a signal or warning.

beam - A ray of something in a straight direction. It is used to describe the process of transportation as in "beam me up".

beam array schematic - Used to craft beam weapons for starships.

beam me up - A phrase used to tell a transporter station to transport you to them.

beam up - A term used to be transported from your current location to another.

beam weapon - A weapon that is mounted on ships which fires a long beam of energy to cause damage.

beaming - In Star Trek it is the process of transporting someone from one place to another.

beta - 1) The second letter of the Greek alphabet. 2) The Beta quadrant is one of four quadrantes in the Milky Way galaxy.

beta quadrant - One of the four quadrants of the Milky Way. One of it's borders based near the Sol system.

betazoid - A race of humanoids from Betazed who were telepathic.

beverage - Some form of liquid that a person drinks.

bfaw - Beam Fire At Will

BFI - Brace For Impact (Tactical Ability)

bio - Short for biography. Information relating to a person.

bioform - A biological organism genetically modified to suit an alien environment.

bioorganism - A biological organism.

biothermal dampener - A grenade that freezes the ground it touches and crystallizes the air around it.

birth - The creation of something.

birthday - The anniversary of something that was created.

black hole - A region of space that has a strong gravitational pull of which nothing can escape.

bleed through - In STO this is the amount of damage that goes through the shields and to the hull.

bleedthrough - In Star Trek Online, it is the amount of damage which goes through your shields and hits the hull.

BO - 1) Beam Overload; 2) Bridge Officer

BoE - Bind on Equip

bof - Bridge Officer

boff - Bridge Officer

Bolian - A humanoid species from Bolarus IX. They have blue skin and a crease down the center of their face.

bones - Hard white tissue which makes up the skeleton of vertebrates.

boomer - Earth slang for a person who has spent their entire life on spaceships running cargo.

BoP - Bird of Prey

BoPu - Bind on Pickup

borg - The Bog is a collective of Cyborgs that are linked together into one hive mind. They have the ability so assimilate other creatures into their collective.

borg tech - Technology developed or assimilated by the Borg.

bortas - The largest ships created by the KDF which has become the flagship of the Empire.

BP - Boarding Part (Engineering Ability)

brakes - A device for slowing or stopping a vehicle.

brandy - A strong alcoholic drink made from wine or fermented fruit juice.

BRB - Be Right Back

Breen - A reclusive, powerful, and warlike race, in the Alpha Quadrant.

bridge - The primary command center of a ship.

bridge crew - The officers of a ship which serve on the bridge.

bridge officer - A person who serves on the bridge of a ship.

bridge officer trainer - An officer in Star Trek Online that trains bridge officers in different skills.

Brig - The prison on a starship.

broadsiding - Firing your weapons from the sides of your ship while flying alongside the enemy.

broken - Not wokring correctly

BTAS - Beam Target Auxiliary Subsystem (Tactical Ability)

BTES - Beam Target Engine Subsystems (Tactical Ability)

BtP - Breaking the Planet (Fleet Action)

BTSS - Beam Target Shields Subsystems (Tactical Ability)

BTWS - Beam Target Weapons Subsystem (Tactical Ability)

buff - Any skill which gives a bonus to a character is called a Buff. These can be removed by Debuffs.

buffs - Something that improves a player's ability, equipment, or anything else.

building - An enclosed structure with walls and a roof.

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