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cannon - An energy weapon in Star Trek Online. Instead of firing a continuous beam of energy it fires pulses of energy.

canon - Accepted information about something. For example Star Trek The Original Series is considered Star Trek canon. That show is official information about the Star Trek timeline and characters. Many Star Trek books are not canon, which means they are not accepted as timeline information and have no affect on the characters in the shows and movies. Very few Star Trek books are considerd canon.

CAoE - Conal Area of Effect

capacitor - A device used to store an electrical charge.

CAPT - Capitan

captain - A rank given to those in command of a ship.

Captain Johnathan Archer - A human Starfleet officer who was captain of the Enterprise NX-01.

Captain Kirk - Captain Kirk was the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

captain's table - A location in Star Trek Online where Lifetime Subscribers and 400 Day Veteran Subscribers can visit as a social station.

car - An Earth vehicle that uses gas to power an engine and propels it forward on wheels.

card - 1) Short for Cardassian; 2) A piece of thick, stiff paper

Cardassian - A pale skinned, humanoid species living in the Alpha Quadrant. They are from Cardassia Prime.

Cardassian Union - The official government of the Cardassian people.

cargo bay - A location in a starship or station which was used to store cargo for later use.

CDR - Commander

CE - Crystalline Entity (Fleet Action)

cell - A small room where someone can be locked up. Cell can also be short for cell phone.

century - A period of 100 years.

CGE - Cure Ground Elite

CGN - Cure Ground Normal

chair - An object with 4 legs,a base, and a backrest on which some can sit.

charters - A written document that grants authority and rights to people within an organization.

chef - A professional cook

Chroniton - Subatomic particles which are usually found during time travel. They are also found in some cloaking devices.

chronitons - Subatomic particles with temporal properties that can be fatal to lifeforms which exist outside of time.

chronology - The arrangement of events in the order they occured

chronometric particle - A particle which is part of an energy form that has temporal properties.

class m - A term used to classify a planet as a place that can support humanoid life.

class m planet - A planet suitable for human life.

cloak - A device in Star Trek which allows objects such as ships, and sometimes even people, to hide and be undetected.

cloaking - The ability to hide yourself in a manner so no one else can see you. In Star Trek a cloaking device hides ships.

cloaking device - A device which allows a ship to cloak and be hidden.

closet - A small room for storing things.

cluster - A group of similar objects close together.

CMB - Chroniton Mine Barrier (Engineering Ability)

CNC - A short way of saying Commander in Chief.

co - The acronym for Champions Online.

cocaptian - A person with the same duties as the captain but under the captain's command.

coffee - A hot Earth drink made from roasted and ground seeds.

collective - A group working together towards a common goal.

colonist - An inhabitant of a colony. In STO a Colonist Duty Officer can be obtained and used through Duty Officer Assignments.

Com - Short for communications.

combadge - A small device which is used for tracking and communicating.

comlink - A small, handheld device, which allows easy communications.

Comm - Communication or Comm Badge.

comm officer - Short for Communications Officer. This is usually the person who handles communications to and from the ship.

commander - A rank in Starfleet and other military organizations. A person with this rank is usually in an authority position.

Commander Grall - An NPC in Star Trek Online who gives out Exploration missions for the Delta Volanis, Arucanis Arm, and Hromi Cluster.

common - Something that occurs often.

communication - The exchange of information through some means such as video or audio.

communications - The exchange of information.

communicator - A device which allows two or more parties to speak to eachother over long distances.

computer - An electronic device that stores and processes data.

computer core - The location of the central computer. It contains the primary processing equipment.

computer core fragment - Collecting 10 of these from the Alhena Refueling Station daily missions gives you the "True Intentions" accolade and unlocks another daily mission.

ComS - Combat Suply (Engineering Ability)

con - Short for control. Usually used with "take the con" as in take command of the ship.

conduit - Something (such as a tube) in which something else can travel through from one point to another.

congratulations - Praise of approval or commendation.

Conn - Fighter control. The station, or crewmember, assigned to flying the vessel.

console - A terminal used to access a computer.

Console - Science - Emitter Array - This console improves the Starship Shield Emitters player skill.

Console - Universal - Cloaking Device - A device in Star Trek Online which can make certain ships cloak.

consortium - A group of businesses

continual - never ending

continuum - A sequence that continues in which all elements are the same

contraband - Something that has been imported or exported illegally.

converter - A device that alters one thing into another thing.

cooldown - The amount of time it takes an ability to reset before you can use it again.

cordrazine - A strong chemical stimulant useful for emergency medical treatment. It was primarily used to stimulate the heart during cardiac arrest.

core - The central point of something.

cortical node - A Borg implant that sat in a socket above the right eyebrow which controlled all the other cybernetic implants.

cortical stimulator - A medical device used to revive neural activity in the nervous system of critical patients by delivering an electrical shock to induce brain activity.

council - A group of people who meet regularly to provide advice or make decisions.

counter - Something that opposes or prevents something else from occuring.

countermeasuers - An action taken to counteract a danger or threat.

countermeasure - Action taken to prevent something before it occurs. In Star Trek Online the Countermeasure skill improves the length of time Placate and Confuse abilities are active.

CovS - Cover Shield (Engineering Ability)

CPB - Charge Particle Burst (Science Ability)

CPT - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

crafting - The process of creating something by combining various elements.

crafting items - Used to create new items at Memory Alpha (for Starfleet) or Qo'noS (for Klingons).

Crate of Deferi Snow Tubers - A crate that players can use to get Deferi Snow Tubers, which are a consumable food.

Crebral Cortex - A part of the brain that plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciouness.

credit - The ability to obtain something before paying for it.

crew - The individuals who work as a team on a starship.

CRF - Cannons: Rapid Fire (Tactical Ability)

critd - Critical Damage

CritH - Critical Hit

Critical - Usually used when talking about immense damage.

Critical Chance - The chance of doing critical damage to your enemy.

critical hit - An attack that deals more damage than normal.

Critical Severity - How much critical damage you will do to your enemy.

crtd - critical damage

CrtH - Critical Hit Chance

cruiser - Large vessels in Star Trek Online which act as support vessels.

CryG - Cryo Grenade

Cryptic - 1) The developers of the Star Trek Online MMO. 2) Having a meaning that is mysterious.

Cryptic Points - Points which are sold by Cryptic for real money or traded in STO for Dilithium. They can be used to purchase items from the C-Store (Cryptic Store

CS - Cover Shield (Engineering Ability)

CSE - Cure Space Elite

CSN - Cure Space Normal

CSV - Cannon Scatter Volley (Tactical Ability)

CU - The Cardassian Union

cultural - Relating to the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a society.

culture - The accumulation of a race's intellectual achievements.

currency - Used to purchase items. There are many different forms of currency in Star Trek Online.

Customize - Modify something to one's own personal specifications.

cxp - Commendation Experience

cybernetics - The science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.

cyborg - A human who's abilities are augmented with mechanical parts.

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