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d'vak - A Captain in Starfleet who can be contacted at Battle Group Omega

Dabo - A roulette style game designed by the Ferengi.

Dabo girl - Beautiful females of various species employed to manage the game of Dabo.

daily - In Star Terk Online a daily is a mission that can be repeated once a day per character. They usually give special rewards like Emblems.

damage - usually refers to the physical harm of something

damp - Short for dampening, as in a dampening field.

dampeners - A device that will dampen/weaken something.

dampening - To lower the intensity or strength of something.

Dampening Field - A ground ability for Science players which debuffs enemy energy weapons.

darmok - A mytho-historical hunter from Tamarian literature.

data - 1) Information. 2) Data was an android constructed by Noonian Soong. He has served in Starfleet for many years.

datachip - An item in Star Trek Online which provides the user with information about Star Trek history. They can be obtained through Lore missions at the faction's academy.

DBB - Dual Beam Bank

dc - An abbreviation for direct current. It is a form of electricity.

Deanna Troi - A half-Human, half-Betazoid science officer who served as a counselor on board the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E.

debuff - Removal of an enhancement. Some skills provide a bonus to a character called a Buff. A skill that removes this bonus is called a Debuff.

Debuffs - Some abilities cause debuffs, which temoporarily weakens an enemy.

decalithium - An rare isotope which is used in making red matter.

Deck - A level or floor within a starship.

decloak - Turn off the cloaking device so everyone can see your ship.

decommissioned - Withdraw something from service.

deep space k-7 - A space station built by Starfleet that was near the Klingon border.

deep space nine - A space station near Bajor that was originally owned by the Cardassians.

deep space relay - Usually a satellite used to retrieve data and pass it on to a destination.

Defari Snow Tubers - A common food on Defari

Deferi - A race from the Defera system in the Orellius sector. They value balance above all else.

deferi snow tubers - A food commonly eaten by the Deferi people.

definitely - without doubt

deflector - A system used in starships. It can boost various science related abilities.

deflector dish - In Star Trek Online the deflector dish is an item which provides bonuses to a player's skills.

deflector field - An energy field created by the deflector array of a ship.

deflectors - Equipment used by starships to deflect space debris especially at warp speed.

dekyon - A subatomic particle which can be both naturally-occurring and artificially generated.

delta - 1) The fourth letter in the Greek alphabet. 2) One of four quadrants in the Milky Way galaxy.

delta quadrant - One of the four quadrants in the Milk Way galaxy. It is home to many races, specifically the Borg.

Deltan - A humanoid species originating from the Federation planet Delta IV. They could relieve someone's pain through contact but it would not heal them.

DEM - Directed Energy Modulation (Engineering Ability)

dervish - A new variant of the Fleet Escorts

Detapa Council - The governing body of the Cardassian Union

deuterium - An isotope of hydrogen which contains one proton and one neutron in its nucleus (or deuteron), and one electron orbiting the nucleus, whereas the hydrogen nucleus lacks any neutron particle. It is the primary fuel used in matter-antimatter reactions in warp cores.

dev - Short for developer

device - Something designed for a particular task.

device slot - In Star Trek Online the device slot iof a ship lets players store devices which can enhance the ship when used.

Device Slots - Slots on starships in Star Trek Online which allow you to equip a device. Devices can perform different functions.

Devidians - A humanoid, shapeshifting species that use triloc waves as an energy source. They used human neural energy as a source of food.

DF - 1) Dampening Field (Science Ability) 2) Draw Fire (Tactical Ability)

DHC - Dual Heavy Cannon

di - An acronym for dilithium

DIACF - Die in a Chemical Fire

DIAF - Die in a Fire

diary - Something in which records of daily activities are kept.

dilithium - A crystal that controlled the matter/antimatter reaction in warp cores.

dilithium crystal chamber - A component of warp cores which hold the dilithium crystals.

Dilithium Ore - A form of currency which must be refined into Dilithium before it can be used to purchase anything.

Dilithium Ore Container - Rewards in Star Trek Online which provide automatically provide Dilithium Ore.

diminishing returns - The bonus that you get becomes less as points or items stack up.

dinner - The main meal of the day usually in the evenings.

diplomatic immunity - An ability in Star Trek Online that can be obtained by reaching the highest rank in the Diplomatic commendation. You can use it to grant another player access into restricted space.

dis - short for Disruptor

disengage - To detach, free, or loosen something.

disrupter - An energy weapon type in Star Trek Online which has the chance to weaken an enemy's resistance to damage.

disruptor - The name given to many types of weapons.

disruptor pulse - A single burst of disruptor energy from a weapon.

distance - The amount of space between two points.

distress call - A message sent by a ship which is in need of help.

DMG - Damage

doctor - Someone who provides health care.

DOff - Duty Officer

DOff System - Duty Officer System

doffs - Duty Officers

dominion - A faction from the Gamma quadrant let by the Founders (Changelings). Their main offensive force was the Jem'Hadar.

door - A barrier which can be moved to allow passage.

doppler effect - An increase or decrease in a wavelength as the source and observer move toward and away from each other.

dorcal shields - Shields on the top of a starship

dorsal - Usually related to the back, or upper, side of an animal. For ships it can relate to the top of the ship.

DoT - Damage over Time

DP - Death Penalty

DPA - Dispersal Pattern Alpha (Tactical Ability)

DPB - Dispersal Pattern Beta (Tactical Ability)

DpS - Damage per Second

drone - A unit which takes commands from a primary source. In Star Trek, Borg drones take commands from the Borg collective.

Drozana Station - A Ferengi station in the Donatu Sector, within the Klingon Neutral Zone.

drumhead trial - An archaic form of court martial practiced on Earth in the 19th century. Its name derives from the eponymous usage of a drum's head as a seat for the presiding judge in an ad-hoc military tribunal.

DS9 - Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

DSE - Deep Space Encounter

dual beam bank - A starship weapon which can fire two beams of energy in one direction.

Dukat - A Cardassian military officer who was later captured by the Federation. After his escape he became a disciple of the Pah-wraiths and later tried to release them.

dunsel - A term used to describe a part that has no useful purpose.

DXP - Diplomatic Experience Points

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