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Earth - The 3rd planet in the Sol System which is home to Humans.

ECH - Emergency Command Hollogram

econ - Short for economy

ED - Equipment Diagnostics (Engineering Ability)

EDC - Encrypted Data Chip. They are obtained by completing STFs and can be exchanged for special equipment.

EF - Engineering Fleet (Engineering Ability)

El-Aurian - A humanoid species of listeners from the El-Aurian system.

electro plasma - A super energized plasma used to transfer energy from a central source on starsihps.

elevator - A platform which lowers and raises people and things through a shaft to reach other levels and floors.

EM - Evasive Maneuvers

emancipation - freeing someone from the control of another

emblem - A form currency used by Vice Admirals. They can be obtained in a number of daily missions.

Emblems - A form of currency in Star Trek Online used to purchase Mk XI equipment. These can be obtained by doing daily Vice Admiral missions.

EMH - Emergency Medical Hologram

emit - To give off, or expel.

emitter - A device that emits, or gives off, something. For example, a holographic emitter emits a holographic image.

Emitters - A device that emits something. Holographic Emitters create holographic objects.

emote - Short for emotions. These are actions that you can make your character perform. Examples are waving and sitting.

emotes - Short for emotions. These are actions that you can make your character perform. Examples are waving and sitting.

empath - Someone who can feel the emotions of other people.

empathic - showing empathy or understanding someone else's emotional state

enable - To make something possible.

encrypted data - Data which has been concealed through some sort of code so that no one else can understand it.

Encrypted Data Chip - Obtained from Special Task Force (STF) missions, these items can be exchanged for weapons to use against the Borg.

energize - Give energy to something.

Energy - Strength to sustain something.

energy credit - The main form of currency in Star Trek Online

energy credits - The common currency used in Star Trek Online. It can be used to purchase a variety of items from NPCs or on the exchange.

engage - Cause someone or something to become involved in an action.

engine - A device which is used to move something in various directions.

engine power - The amount of energy put into engines. More power means you travel faster.

engineer - Officers that keep a ship or station in running order. They perform repairs, maintenance, etc.

Enhanced Plasma Manifold - A universal console that increases ship auxiliary and shield power levels.

ENS - Ensign

ensign - The lowest rank in Starfleet.

ENT - Enterprise

Enterprise - A name given to many ships of Starfleet. Most notably are the U.S.S. Enterprise captained by James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, and Johnathon Archer.

Enterprise C - The fourth Federation starship called the enterprise during the mid 24th century and commanded by Captain Rachel Garrett.

Enterprise F - In Star Trek Online the Enterprise F is an Odyssey class starship launched in 2409.

eons - A unit of time equal to a billion years.

EP - Engineering Proficiency (Engineering Ability)

episode - An event occurring as part of a large sequence.

eps - The Electro-Plasma System is the primary form of enery distribution on starships.

EPS conduit - Short for Electro-Plasma System conduit which is used to distribute energy throughout the ship.

EPS Flow Regulator - An Engineering Console in Star Trek Online that improves the power transfer rate between systems and recharge rates of a ship's power levels.

EPS PT - EPS Power Transfer (Engineering Ability)

EPSPT - EPS Power Transfer (Engineering Ability)

EPt - Emergency Power to

EPtA - Emergency Power to Auxiliary (Engineering Ability)

EPtE - Emergency Power to Engines (Engineering Ability)

EPtS - Emergency Power to Shields (Engineering Ability)

EPtW - Emergency Power to Weapons (Engineering Ability)

EPW - Emergency Power to Weapons

eriksson - A system in the Pi Canis sector.

ES - 1) Extend Shields (Engineering Ability) 2) Energy Siphon (Science Ability)

escape pod - A very small shuttle used by a ship's crew to quickly escape the ship that had a risk of being destroyed.

escape pods - Small vessels used to escape from a ship usually when the ship is in danger.

ESD - Earth Spacedock

espionage - Spying to gain information which is considered to be secret.

ET - Engineering Team (Engineering Ability)

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

EV suit - Environmental Suits are worn by people when the must go into an atmosphere that does not support their life.

event horizon - The boundary around a black hole passed which no light or radiation can escape.

EWP - Eject Warp Plasma (Engineering Ability)

excalibur - The mythical sword of King Arthur. It was also the name of two Federation starships.

exchange - The act of giving one thing and receiving something else.

exocomp - A tool designed by Dr. Farallon which could perform a variety of tasks automatically. Due to its adapative nature it gained sentience.

exotic - Originating from a foreign place.

expanse - A wide continuous area of something.

Expertise - They were originally called Bridge Officer Skill Points. Expertise can be used to improve Bridge Officer skills or be donated to fleet projects.

exploit - The act of using something in a manner that it isn't supposed to be used in order to get an advantage.

exploration - The action of traveling through unfamiliar areas and learning about it.

expose - In STO, expose is when an enemy has been put into a vulnerable state. Using an exploit attack will take advantage of this and cause more damage.

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