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FA - 1) The Ferengi Alliance 2) Fuse Armor (Engineering Ability)

faction - A small organized group within a much larger one.

fantasy - Imagining things that are impossible or improbable

Farm - Collect items or currency from a place where it is commonly found

FaW - Beams: Fire At Will (Tactical Ability)

Federation - In Star Trek, this is a short name for the United Federation of Planets. It is an interstellar government composed of multiple planets.

Fek'Ihri - An ancient enemy of Kahless when he was building the Klingon Empire.

Feklar - A common misspelling of Fek'lhri.

Ferengi - Ferengi are from the planet Ferenginar. Their laws are based on the pursuit of profit.

FF - Focus Fire (Tactical Ability)

FFA - Federation Fleet Alert

FI - Full Impulse

Fighter - A small vessel that is maneuverable and heavily armed.

fire - The burning of a substance

Firefalls of Gal'Gathong - A location on the planet Romulus where an enormous cascade of lava flowed over the mountain's norther cliffs side.

fireworks - A device with combustible chemicals which cause a spectacular explosion.

fleet - A group of ships usually teamed up for a mission. In Star Trek Online a fleet could also be a guild, or a group of players.

Fleet Admiral - Starfleet highest rank, commands a fleet.

fleet bank - A bank in Star Trek Online which is shared by members of a fleet.

fleet credit - A currency used to purchase items from fleet stores. They are earned by contributing to fleet projects.

fleet escort - Fleet Escorts were designed with survivability in mind, but also to deal heavy damage.

fleet ship - In STO a fleet ship is a version of any ship designed for fleets. Usually they are slightly better.

fleet support - An ability in Star Trek Online which allows you to call for support if your hull strength is very low

flexible - When something is easily bendable or modified.

flow - To move along steadily.

flow cap - Short for Starship Flow Capacitors.

flow capacitor - A science console for ships in STO that improves energy and shield draining abilities.

Flow Capacitors - A device which improves all Shield Draining and Energy Draining abilities.

flux - The action or process of flowing.

follow up - The continuation of something that has already been started.

FomM - Fire on my Mark (Tactical Ability)

food - A nutritious substance that maintains life.

food synthesizer - A device used on 23rd century starships that could create food and drinks.

force - Strength or energy of movement

force field - An energy field which is used to protected someone or something.

forcefield - A barrier made up of energy

forgotten - Fail to remeber

forum - A meeting place where views and ideas are exchanged.

Founder Foil - An accolade which gives you a 2% damage boost against Cardassians.

founding father - Someone who started a movement or institution.

foundry - A tool in Star Trek Online which allows players to develop their own missions and share them with other players.

FP - Feedback Pulse (Science Ability)

fps - frames per second, in other words how many frames are being displayed on your monitor each second

fragment - A small piece of something much larger.

FS - Fleet Support

FV - Star Trek VIII: First Contact

FvF - Federation vs Federation

FvK - Federation vs Klingon

FYI - For Your Information

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