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Haakona System - An old Romulan station where they were experimenting with Borg technology.

hades - In ancient mythology, Hades was the god of the underworld.

haggis - A Scottish dish which is made of a savoury pudding containing sheep's pluck, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally encased in the animal's stomach.

haggle - Bargain over the cost of something.

hail - A form of subspace communication between locations which is usually visual.

hallo - German for hello.

hangar - The location on a ship which stores smaller crafts

harvester - An invisibly-small synthetic virus, tiny enough to enter the body through the skin, and lethal alone. It was classified as a biomechanical gene disruptor.

hazard - A risk

hazard emitters - An ability in Star Trek Online which cleanses hazards on a ship and restores some hull strength over time.

HBY - He's Behind You

HE - Hazard Emitters (Science Ability)

health - The physical and mental condition of a living being.

Heisenberg Compensator - A component of the transporter system which allows the transporter sensors to compensate for their inability to determine position and momentum of the target particles.

hell - A place of pain. It is usually the opposite of heaven.

hello - A common greeting among people.

Helm - The device or person which controls the ship's direction.

Helmsman - A person who steers a ship, or spacecraft.

heuristic - A method for solving problems quickly or finding an approximate solution when an exact one can't be found.

hive mind - The collective sharing of minds into a single consciousness, usually associated with the Borg.

holo - Holo is short for holographic. Anything holographic is a created 3D projection which resembles something.

Holo Emitter - A device that can put out a holographic projection.

Holo Leeta - A holographic version of Leeta used at Quark's Dabo tables.

holodeck - A room which can create artificial simulations.

Holoemitter - A device that emits a holographic image.

holoemitter frengi d'kora - A holoemitter in Star Trek Online which can be purchased using Gold-Pressed Latinum. It can make your ship look like a Ferengi D'Kora for a limited time.

home - A place where someone lives.

Hometown - The town where someone was born.

honor - high level of respect

horga'hn - A statuette that symbolized fertility on Risa.

horgahn - A common misspelling of horga'hn, which is a statuette that symbolized fertility on Risa.

horta - A silicon-based lifeform from Janus VI. It is composed of a material similar to fibrous asbestos.

horta hatchling - A new born Horta. The Horta is a sentient species discovered by James T. Kirk and Spock.

HoT - Healing over Time

HPP - Hit Points Possible

HR - Hyperonic Radiation (Science Ability)

HUD - Heads Up Display

hulk - An old ship which is no longer in use and has been abandoned. Usually the internal equipment has been removed.

hull - The body or frame of a ship or starship.

Human - Also known as Terrans, are a humanoid species from the planet Earth.

HypoD - Hypospray Dylovene (Science Ability)

HypoM - Hypospray Melorazine

hypospray - A medical device used to inject liquids into the body. It uses a transport mechanism of compressed air without puncturing the skin.

HYT - High Yield Torpedoes (Tactical Ability)

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