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m class - A planet or planetoid which is considered to be habital by humanoids.

m class planet - A planet considered suitable for humanoid life.

M8N&Z - Maintenance

MA - Motion Accelerator (Tactical Ability)

mach speed - The speed of an object when it is traveling close to or above the speed of sound.

MACO - Short for Military Assault Command Operations. They existed in the 2150s as a United Earth military group. They existed before the Federation and Starfleet.

mail - Letters and packages sent through some sort of delivery system.

major components - Used in Star Trek Online to fix major ship damage (injuries)

manifold - A chamber branching into several openings.

maquis - A rebellious organization of Federation-born colonists who organized against the Cardassian occupation of their homes after their colonies were ceded to the Cardassian Union by Federation-Cardassian Treaties.

Mara - The Klingon wife of Captain Kang and science officer aboard his battle cruiser.

mark - A form of currency in Star Trek Online used to purchase Mk X equipment. These can be obtained by doing daily Rear Admiral missions.

Mark of Honor - A form of currency in Star Trek Online.

mark of valor - A form of currency in Star Trek Online

mark X - The tier of the weapon. "X" stands for the number ten.

mask energy signature - An ability in Star Trek Online which makes it difficult for enemies to detect you.

matrix - An environment or material in which something develops.

Measurement - Defining something by an attribute such as height.

med - Short for medical

medal - A reward given to a player. There are different medals in Star Trek Online which can be used to purchase new equipment.

Medal of Excellence - A form of currency used in Star Trek Online.

MemA - Memory Alpha

Memory Alpha - A complex was an archive of the total cultural history and scientific knowledge of all Federation members. The library was assembled for academic purposes only. No defensive shielding was installed, as the information was available to anyone in the galaxy.

merit - The quality of being good or worthy.

Merits - A currency in Star Trek Online usually used to rename something.

MES - Mask Energy Signature (Science Ability)

meter - A unit of length in the metric system which equals approximately 39 inches.

MGF - Medical Generator Fabrication (Engineering Ability)

MIA - Missing in Action

miles - A unit used to measure distance between points.

mind meld - A telepathic link between individuals to exchange thoughts.

mine cluster - A group of mines that are close together.

Minos Korva - A system located in the Alpha Trianguli sector of Cardassian aspace.

mIRC - An IRC chat channel for Windows.

mirror - 1) Used to show a reflection 2) The Mirror Universe is an exact copy of our universe with some differences.

Mish - Mission

missile - A large object that is propelled to another object.

mission - A special assignment given to an individual or a team.

mk - Short for "make". For example, Mk II means Make 2. A weapon that is Mk II is the same as saying the second version of that weapon.

mmo - massive multiplayer online

mob - a large group of people

mock - To make fun of something. It can also mean a copy of something.

Mocktor - A playful, short form for medical doctor.

modulation - The process of changing one or more properties of a waveform.

molecular transporter - A form of transporter technology that allowed objects as large as starships to be transported great distances. The Kalandans were a race that invented it.

Montgomery (Scotty) Scott - The chief engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701.

morning - The period of time between midnight and noon.

MP - Short for Motion Picture, usually meaning the first Star Trek movie.

MT - 1) Medical Tricorder (Science Ability) 2) Mistyped

mvae - Multi-Vector Assault Escort

MVAM - Multi-Vector Assault Mode

MW - Miracle Worker (Engineering Ability)

Mylasa-System - A system in which the fourth planet is Class-M. It is believed that a wormhole might have existed here at one time.

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