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P&LL - Peace and Long Life

p'tak - A misspelling of the Klingon word petaQ. This is a common insult used by Klingons

p.u.g - pick up group

P2SP - Post to See Posts

pack - A container used to carry items. This can refer to backpacks which are worn on the back.

PADD - Personal Access Display Device. A small hand-held computer interface.

Pakled - A species in the Alpha Quadrant who seem to be intellectually challenged but are very smart.

PALL - Peace and Long Life

paperwork - Routine work involving documents such as forms.

paratrinic - A type of advanced form of deflector shield technology known to be used by the Druoda of the Delta Quadrant.

parrises squares - A vigorous and violent athletic game played during the 24th century. It involved two teams of four players.

parsec - A unit of distance in astronomy which is about 3.25 light years.

particle - An extremely small portion of something.

particle generator - A skill in Star Trek Online that increases the damage of certain attacks which use particles such as Feedback Pulse or Charged Particle Burst.

passenger - Someone who travels on another person's vessel to reach a particular destination.

patrol - The act of keeping watch over a specific area.

pattern buffer - A key component of transporter systems. It was used to temporarily store the matter stream following dematerialization, but prior to sending the stream to its target.

PBAoE - Point Blank Area of Effect

people - Sentient beings or citizens of a country.

Peregrine - A type of courier ship appropriated by the Maquis, during the early 2370s.

pet - In MMO terms, it is something that follows you around. Sometimes pets could also assit in battle.

petaQ - A common insult used by Klingons

PF - Photonic Fleet (Science Ability)

PH - Polarize Hull (Science Ability)

phase - A state of matter or a property of wave mechanics. Sometimes you hear the term "out of phase". This means they are not alligned.

Phase-Shifted Personal Shield - A very rare personal shield that reduces Psionic Damage. Acquired by finishing the Skirmish mission.

phaser - A type of weapon used by Starfleet. There are handheld and ship versions of this wepaon.

phaser cannon - A cannon mounted on ships which fires pulses of phaser energy.

phaser relay - A Tactical Console that adds a bonus to your starship phaser weapon damage.

PhoG - Photon Grenade (Tactical Ability)

phone - A device that allows people to verbally communicate via wires or radio waves.

photon - A type of torpedo commonly used by the Federation and Klingons.

photon torpedo - A torpedo in Star Trek Online which has a fast firing rate.

photonic - Anything which has been created using particles of light and energy.

Photonic Displacer - A universal console that creates a photonic decoy of your ship and cloaks you so that you can escape.

Photonic Fleet - A small group of holographic ships usually to support your ship in battle.

Photonic Theory - A skill available to Admirals or Generals which improves photonic abilities.

phys - Short for physical.

pi - The sixteenth letter of the great alphabet and the representation of the estimated numerical value 3.14.

pic - Shorter word for picture

pirate - A person who attacks and robs ships.

placate - to calm down

placatte - A common mispelling of placate.

PlaG - Plasma Grenade (Tactical Ability)

planet - A celestial body which orbits a star and has its own gravity.

Plasma - Matter in an ionized gas state which is used to channel power through the EPS conduits.

plasma manifold - A component that channels electro-plasma through a power distribution system in a starship or station.

plasma torpedo - A torpedo with plasma energy which can cause a plasma fire.

Plasma Torpedo Platform - A weapon platform which fires plasma torpedoes.

Player vs Envoroment - PvE

pm - 1) In some countries the 12 hour clock is used. The letters pm are used to indicate the time is after noon. 2) The letters pm can be an acronym for Prime Minister

PO - Photonic Officer (Science Ability)

pod - A small vessel which usually holds one person.

Polarized Parabolic Deflector - Built specifically to enhance the systems used by, and against, the Breen energy dampening weapon. It boosts Starship Sensors, Starship Flow Capacitors, Starship Inertial Dampeners, Starship Graviton Generators, and Starship Power Insulators.

policy - Rules to guide decisions and actions

Pon farr - A time of mating for Vulcan males which causes a neurochemical imblanace.

ponfar - A common misspelling of pon farr.

port - Left side of a ship

portal - A doorway to another area

positron - A subatomic particle with the same mass as an electron and a numerically equal but positive charge.

positronic - A sophisticated computer which is capable of simulating the human brain and giving artificial sentience to a device.

positronic matrix - A significant part of an android's positronic brain, but can also be adapted for use in conjunction with a humanoid's brain.

power - The rate at which energy is converted.

Power Insulators - Material that does not conduct electricity and can protect something from an electrical charge.

power source - A place where energy (power) is generated.

power transfer conduit - An advanced type of plasma conduit, used for carrying warp plasma from the vessel's warp core to the drive nacelles.

power transfer rate - The speed at which power is transferred from one system to another.

prefire chamber - A component of Federation phaser rifles and phaser cannons.

prey - Something or someone that is being hunted.

probe - An automated device which is used to scan for data and send it back to its owner.

Proc - the effect of an item and the action of the effect

proconsul - A governor of a province.

progenitor - Something from which something else descends from, an example can be your ancestors.

program - A list of commands which perform a function.

prototype console - Consoles that were eventually nerfed and can now be soled for latinum.

PST - Pacific Standard Time

PSW - Photonic Shockwave (Science Ability)

PTF - Phaser Turret Fabrication (Engineering Ability)

PuG - Pickup Group (Non fleet members or randoms for STF's)

pulse - A constant beat of something.

PvE - Player versus environment. It is used to describe when a player versus the computer, unlike PvP which is player versus player.

PvP - Player vs Player

PWE - Perfect World Entertainment

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