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r - Short for ready

r&d - research and development

RA - Rear Admiral

races - Groups of people from the same background (for example: Klingons, Humans, Ferengie)

radiation - The emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles

RADM - Rear Admiral

raid - A raid is a type of mission which requires multiple players to complete.

raiding party - A group of individuals assembled to attack a target

Raktajino - A Klingon coffee, served steamed or iced.

rally - To gather troops in one location.

Ramming Speed - A skill in Star Trek Online which allows you to increase your ship speed and ram your enemy. It causes damage to both ships.

rank - Positions which show amount of power within an organization.

RBoP - Romulan Bird of Prey

REACTIVE SHIELD - Can increase the resistance to a particular damage type for a short time. It stacks up to 10 times, and can resist mulitple damage types at once.

reactor - A container in which substances are made to chemically react with each other.

ready room - A room connected to the bridge of a starship which served as the Captain's officer.

realign - Restore to a former position

recruit - Someone newly recruited in the armed forces.

red alert - A state of alert due to imminent danger.

red matter - A substance that can form a black hole when it is ignited.

Red Matter Capacitor - A device in Star Trek Online which boosts power to all systems.

red shirt - In Star Trek the red shirt used to signify someone who worked as an engineer. In the present it is used to signify someone in a command or tactical position.

regen - Short for regeneration.

reginod - Reginod was the chief engineer aboard the Pakled starship Mondor.

relay - To recieve something and pass it on.

Reman - A humanoid race from Remus who were partially telepathic and used as slave labor by the Romulans.

replicator - A device that uses transporter technology to dematerialize matter and then rematerialized it into something else.

researcher - Someone who studies something.

resist - To withstand something else.

resistance - The refusal to accept or comply with something.

respec - Move skill points from one skill to another.

retrain - To train again. Sometimes refers to moving skill points from one skill to another.

reverse - backwards; opposite; invert

reverse engines - The processes of activating engines which push a ship in the opposite direction in order to slow its speed.

reward - Something given in recognition of an achievement.

rift - A crack or break in something.

Rigel - The seventh brightest star in the sky, and the brightest in the constellation Orion.

rigelian - A race from Rigel V who have about four or five generators. They share similar physiology with Vulcans.

risa - A vacation planet in the alpha quadrant. It is known for its nice weather and relaxing atmosphere.

rml - Read my lips

RoA - Rules of Acquisition

RoFL - Roll on Floor Laughing

roger - It means the message has been received and understood.

role playing - The changing of one's behavior to assume a role.

romulan - A race in Star Trek. They have a common ancestry with the Vulcans.

romulan ale - A highly intoxicating blue alcoholic beverage developed by the Romulans.

rp - Role Playing. Pretend to be someone else in a game. To act your part.

RPtS - Reroute Power to Shields (Engineering Ability)

RrB - Restroom Break

RS - Ramming Speed

RSE - The Romulan Star Empire

RSF - Rotate Shield Frequency (Engineering Ability)

rsp - 1) Retail Selling Price. The price of an item that is sold to the public. 2) Reverse Shield Polarity (Engineering Ability)

runabouts - A small shuttle pod. In Star Trek Online they can be purchased at Star Trek Online.

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