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SA - Scientific Aptitude (Science Ability)

salvage - The rescue of a wrecked ship.

salvo - The number of weapons released from a ship.

sample - A small part of something.

sample space - In probability, it is the set of all possible outcomes.

Sarek - A Vulcan who is father to Spock as well as an ambassador and representative on the Federation Council.

satellite - An object that is placed in orbit around a planet.

saucer - The rounded section of a starship usually where the bridge is located. On some ships it could be seperated from the rest of the ship.

Saurian - A sentient reptilian species which evolved from creatures similar to dinosaurs.

SB114 - Starbase 114

SB24 - Starbase 24 (Fleet Action)

SB39 - Starbase 39

scanners - A generic term for any hand-held device that can scan and record a variety of things.

scenario - A way to visualize possible events that haven't occured yet.

schematics - Items in Star Trek Online which are used when crafting items.

science team - A science ability used to repair damage shields and strengthen some science abilities.

Scorpion Fighters - Small Romulan or Reman ships which can be launched from carriers. There is also a consumable item which can be used to launch them from any ship.

scramble sensors - An ability in Star Trek Online which confuses enemy ships into targeting their allies.

screen - A device used to display something.

SDF - Support Drone Fabrication (Engineering Ability)

SE - Security Escort (Tactical Ability)

second - Number two in a sequence.

Sector - An area that has been seperated by borders

Sector 001 - Another name for the sector in which Earth is located.

sector space - The space between systems where ships travel at warp speed in Star Trek Online.

security - Protecting something, or keeping it free from danger.

self destruct - A system of a ship that will automatically destroy the entire ship when a countdown has complete.

sensor - A device used to detect something. Some types of sensors detect temperature, radiation, life signs, and more.

sensor analysis - A passive ability that can boost subsystem targeting up to 33.3%

sensor array - A device where a group of sensors were combined. They could be used to scan or detect various things.

sensor probe - A device used to scan, observe, and record aspects of an environment.

sequence - A particular order of something

Seven of Nine - A liberated Borg human female. She was liberated by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager and Captain Janeway when they were stuck in the Delta Quadrant.

severity - How severe or bad something is.

SF - 1) Science Fleet (Science Ability) 2) Suprressing Fire (Tactical Ability) 3) Stasis Field (Science Ability)

SGF - Shield Generator Fabrication (Engineering Ability)

Shaka - A mytho-historical person known to the Tamarians. The person was used in a metaphor for failure.

Shield - A piece of equipment that protects something else. Shields could either be solid (like a piece of metal) or energy (like around a starship).

shield emitter - A device on a starship which generates a shield around the ship.

shields - A form of energy around a ship or person that protects it from danger.

shift - Move from one place to another.

shild systems - The system on a ship that handles power distribution to shields.

shinzon - A clone of Captain Jean-Luc Picard created by the Romulans with the purpose of replacing him with a Romulan operative.

ship - A large vessel which could carry goods or people.

ship deck - The level or a ship, similar to a floor in a building.

ship log - A list and description of events that have occurred on a ship, usually written by the Captain.

shore leave - The time an officer spends away from their ship on vacation.

shuttle - A small craft used to transfer people from one location to another. These crafts are usually found on starships and sometimes used when transporters cannot be used.

shuttlepod - A very small shuttlecraft usually only capable of impulse speed.

sick - Physical or mental illness.

sick bay - The section of a ship which provides primary health care to those on board the ship.

sif - Siphon. To take energy from something else.

simulate - A way to perform actions and see the results without actually changing anything.

simulation deck - Also known as a holodeck. An area which uses photons to create holographic, or simulated environments.

singularity - An extremely dense region of the spacetime continuum which produces extremely powerful gravitational forces.

singularity core - A device that can be equipped on ships which determines the maximum warp speed of the ship and provides boosts to certain power systems.

skill - The ability or expertise to do something.

skill bonus - An item in Star Trek Online which provides bonus skill points when used.

skill points - There are two types of skill points in Star Trek Online: Player Skill Points and Bridge Officer Skill Points. Player skill points are used to increase player skills. By using all of your skill points within each rank you can get promoted to the next rank. Bridge Officer skill points are used to strengthen Bridge Officer skills.

skill trainer - A NPC in Star Trek Online that can allow players to respec.

skill tree - A tree of skills which players put points into in order to improve their character.

slipstream - A form of travelling through space by breaking the quantum barrier.

slipstream drive - An engine used to generate a slipstream in which a starship could travel at faster than warp speeds.

SM - Stealth Module (Tactical Ability)

SmoG - Smoke Grenade (Tactical Ability)

SNB - Sub-Nucleonic Beam (Science Ability)

snow - Water which has been frozen into tiny soft crystals.

software - A program written in some form of code that is used by the computer.

Sol - The name of the sun in the Human's solar system, also known as the Sol System.

solar panels - A device that absorbs solar energy and converts it into usable energy.

solar sailing ship - A ship which uses solar light to create energy and sail across space.

soldier - A person who serves in an army.

sovereign - A class of starship in Starfleet which boasted the most up to date technologies of the time.

SP - Sonic Pulse (Science Ability)

space - The amount of area between two or more objects.

Space time - Any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single continuum.

space time continuum - A term used to describe a place that is independent and self-contained. Space is represented as 3 dimensions and time as the fourth.

spacetime - Any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single continuum.

spam - Unwanted junk mail

spanner - Another word for wrench

Special Task Force - A team setup between multiple factions to deal with the Borg threat in the Alpha Quadrant.

Species 8472 - The Borg designation for a tripedal and apparently highly xenophobic non-humanoid species which live in a dimension known as fluidic space. They have become known as the Undine.

specimen - An example of something to represent the entire group.

spectral - Relates to the color spectrum which is a rang of colors.

spectral analysis - The process of identifying an object based on the light it reflects.

speed - How quickly something can move.

Spock - A Vulcan who served as first officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captains James T. Kirk.

squad - A small group of people with a task.

SR - Shield Recharge (Engineering Ability)

SS - 1) Sensor Scan (Science Ability) 2) Scramble Sensors (Science Ability)

SSD - Special Security Division - A division within Starfleet and was established during its early development.

ST - Strike Team (Tactical Ability)

ST09 - Star Trek (2009)

stacking - In MMOs, stacking an items means placing the same item on top of the other one to "stack" them together. Not all items work like this.

star - A sun that does not belong to the same system as a planet but can be seen in the night sky

star cluster - 1) A large number of stars that seem to be very close together. 2) In Star Trek Online this is another name for exploartion areas.

star date - Normally spelled stardate, it is a date commonly used in Star Trek among the various races.

Star Trek - An American science fiction television and movie series that is based on the United Federation of Planets.

starbase - A base usually around a planet.

starbase 157 - A Federation outpost administrated by Starfleet

Starbase 24 - In STO it is a Federation starbase in the Orion Sector that is under attack by the Klingons.

starbase provisions - The amount of items that can be bought from a starbase NPC. Provisions can be replenished through starbase projects.

starboard - The right side of a ship when facing forward.

stardate - A date commonly use in Star Trek among the various races.

Starfleet - An exploratory and defense service of the United Federation of Planets.

starfleet merits - A form of currency used in Star Trek Online for renaming, purchasing Bridge Officers, andm uch more.

starship - A large vessel which can travel long distances in space.

Starship Countermeasure Systems - This skill improves the duration of your Confuse and Placate abilities.

Starship Flow Capacitors - A skill in Star Trek Online that improves your Starship's Shield and Energy Drain abilities.

Starship Power Insulators - A tier 2 skill that increases your resistance to attacks that drain your shields or subsystem power.

Starship Sensors - This skill helps you see cloaked enemies and can be strengthened by putting more power into Auxiliary. It also helps shorten the time that confuse and placate abilities effect you.

Starship Shield Emitters - A skill which improves all shield repair and healing abilities.

Starship Stealth - This skill improves your ship's stealth abilities so you are harder to detect.

Starship Subspace Decompiler - This skill improves the duration of your Holds and Disable abilities as well as the duration of subsystem disabling abilities.

Starship: Flow Capacitors - A skill that improves starship's shield and energy drain abilities.

stealth - Cautions movement in order to not be detected.

stealth module - An ability that temporarily masks you from sight.

stellar - Relating to stars.

STF - Starfleet Task Force. A set of missions in Star Trek Online that is designed for no less than 5 players.

STI - Star Trek: The Motion Picture

STII - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

STIII - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

STIV - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

STIX - Star Trek IX: Insurrection

sto - short for Star Trek Online

storage - Saving something in a specific location for future use.

stringent - Strict or precise

structural integrity field - A technology used to supplement the natural structural integrity of starship hulls.

StuG - Stun Grenade

stun - To temporarily knock unconscious.

STV - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

STVI - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

STVII - Star Trek VII: Generations

STVIII - Star Trek VIII: First Contact

STX - Star Trek X: Nemesis

sub space - A layer of space that does not exist at the same point as everything else.

subspace - A part of space-time that is separate from normal space but coexists with it.

subspace decompiler - A skill in Star Trek Online that improves the duration of your Hold and Disable abilities.

subspace feild - A projected energy envelope that can be generated around warp capable ships and other technology that can distort space.

subspace field modulator - A ship item in STO that reduces damage and grants damage resistance when used. It can be obtained through the Skirmish mission.

subspace frequency - A type of frequency which allows video and audio communication through subspace. This is very similar to the radio frequencies.

subspace transceiver - Components of a subspace radio that allowed for communication through subspace.

subsystem - A system on board a ship which handles a particular function.

subsystem targeting - Attacking a specific subsystem of a ship in order to weaken it and gain an advantage over your enemy.

success - The accomplishment of a goal.

superconduct - When there is absolutely 0 resistance to electricity.

superconductivity - This occurs when there is absolutely zero resistance.

support - To help sustain something or keep it up.

Surak's Katric Ark - A vessel used to preserve the living spirit of Surak.

sword - A weapon with a long metal blade and handle.

synthehol - Short for synthesized alcohol. It has the same taste and smell as alcohol without the effects caused by real alcohol.

system - A set of connected parts forming a whole unit.

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