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tac - tactical

tachyon - A subatomic particle that naturally exists at faster-than-light velocities, and is associated with time travel.

tachyon burst - A concentrated pulse of tachyon particles.

Tactical - One of three types of careers in Star Trek Online which focuses on causing damage.

tactical console - A console which goes into the tactical slots of a ship. They normally boost a ship's weapons.

Tal Shiar - The Elite Intelligence agency of the Romulan Star Empire.

Tal'aura - A Romulan senator in the 24th century. She helped Shinzon kill the senate by using a thalaron generator.

tank - A player who takes attacks from a strong enemy for long periods of time without dying in order to prevent your teammates from getting attacked.

tanking - Being able to take attacks from a strong enemy for long periods of time without dying in order to prevent your teammates from getting attacked.

TAS - Star Trek: The Animated Series

TB - 1) Tachyon Beam (Science Ability); 2) Tractor Beam (Science Ability)

TBA - To Be Announced

TBC - To Be Confirmed

TBD - To be determined

TBH - To Be Honest

TBR - Tractor Beam Repulsors

tcd - Tricobalt Device

teacher - A person who teaches knowledge in a particular topic.

telemetry - A technology that allows data measurements to be made at a distance.

telephone - A device that converts sound into electricity and transmits it.

teleport - To move something from one place to another.

temporal - Referring to time

temporal anomaly - A disruption in the spacetime continuum which can be related to time travel.

Terra - Can relate to territory or ground. It can also be another name for Earth.

Terran - Another name for Humans from Earth. It was primarily used in the Mirror Universe.

territory - An area that is under the control of a ruler.

tertiary - Third item in an order.

tetry - Short for tetryon

tetryon - A weapon type in Star Trek Online that drains the enemy's shields.

Tetryon Glider - A passive ability which increases Tetryon damage. It comes from equipping 2 of the 3 Omega Force space set.

TF - Tactical Fleet (Tactical Ability)

TFF - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

TH - Tachyon Harmonic (Science Ability)

The Captain's Table - A station in Star Trek Online where lifetime subscribers can visit. It can be accessed near the homeplanet of each faction. The Captain's Table is also a series of Star Trek books.

The Vault - The first mission of the Cloaked Intenions series in Star Trek Online. It is also the name of an old Romulan base which is the primary focus of the mission.

thoron - A radioactive isotope which can be used to deceive sensors or even be used as a weapon.

threat - In Star Trek Online, the threat level tells the computer enemies how much of a threat you are. The higher the threat, the more likely you are to be attacked.

thruster - A small engine on a spacecraft that is used to make alternations to the flight path.

thrusters - A small rocket or engine used to make changes to the flight path of a starship.

THY - Torpedo High Yield (Tactical Ability)

TI - Tactical Initiative (Tactical Ability)

Tier - grade or level

time - indefinite existence and events in the past, present, and future.

time distortion - The change of the speed of time relative to how we see it.

time travel - The aciton of moving from one point in time to another.

timeline - A representation that shows the passage of time.

TkR - Tykens Rift (Science Ability)

TL;DC - Too Long, Don't Care

TL;DR - Too Long, Didn't Read

TMP - Star Trek: The Motion Picture

TNG - Star Trek: The Next Generation

TO - Target Optics

toon - In MMOs a toon is a character or avatar that users play as.

Top Flight Triage - An accolade in STO which can be obtained by healing up to 30,000 damage.

Torg - A Klingon politician who leads the House of Torg. He has a son named S'gen and also raised Ja'rod.

torp - Short for torpedo

torpedo - A cigar shaped projectile fired from a ship.

TorpS - Torpedo: Spread (Tactical Ability)

TOS - Star Trek (The Original Series)

TR - Tykens Rift (Science Ability)

trace - 1) Find by investigation. 2) An indicatio of something existing in the past.

tractor beam - A device which emits a beam that can hold an object in place.

trait - In Star Trek Online it is a small boost that characters have.

transform - A dramatic change in appearance.

transmit - To pass something from one location to another.

transmitter - Equipment used to send a signal through the air.

transphasic torpedo - A projectile developed in the late 24th century to combat the Borg. A single torpedo could destroy an entire Borg Cube.

transponder - A device that receives a radio signal and can also transmit

transport - Bringing something from one place to another.

transporter - A subspaca device which moves something from one point to another. It converts matter into energy and then back into matter.

transporter device - A device used to send something from one location to another.

transpoter - A device which takes matter from one locations and brings it to another location. In Star Trek this device converts matter into energy and then back into matter at another location.

transwarp - A speed faster than warp which can get you to any location in almost an instant.

transwarp conduit - A large device which creates a connection in subspace known as transwarp in which ships could travel in a short period of time.

transwarp gate - A large device that opens a transwarp conduit in which ships can travel.

transwarp gates - A large device which opens a transwarp corridor in which ships can travel to another destination quickly.

trekker - A fan of the Star Trek franchise.

trekkie - A fan of Star Trek

tri - Having three

tri-corder - A scanning device with the latest technology. It can be used to perform multiple types of scans.

triage - Sorting and allocating aid on the basis of need

triaxilation - A way of modulating signals sometimes used for securing communication signals.

tribble - A small round furry creature known to relax it's owner with its purring.

Tribble breeding - the process of giving tribbles food in Star Trek Online in order to create a new tribble

tribbles - Small, furry, round creatures. In Star Trek Online they give their owner a boost when petted. New tribbles can be bred by feeding them different types of food.

tricobalt - A type of explosive device which can disruptions in subspace.

tricorder - A hand-held device with multiple functions that can scan, analyze, and record a variety of data.

trilithium - A synthetic compound that is an explosive.

Trill - A humanoid species from the planet Trill. A small percentage of them are joined with a symbiote.

trillium - A commonly traded item in the 23rd and 24th centuries. It had a distinctive scent when burnt, and was used in incense on Vulcan

trinimbic interference - A phenomenon that reduces the effectiveness of sensors and transporters.

trinimbic turbulence - An atmospheric phenomenon that poses a hazard to shuttlecraft.

triolic wave - An energy source used by various species, including Devidians.

trophy - A decorative object awarded for accomplishing something.

true way - A Cardassian terrorist group that believes the Federation is the greatest threat to the Cardassian Union.

TS - 1) Torpedo: Spread (Tactical Ability) 2) Tricorder Scan (Science Ability)

TSfS - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

TSS - Transfer Shield Strength (Science Ability)

tss2 - Transfer Shield Strength 2

tsunkatse - A popular fighting sport in the Delta Quadrant.

TT - Tactical Team (Tactical Ability)

TtB - Tractor Beam (Science Ability)

TtBR - Tractor Beam Repulsors (Science Ability)

TUC - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

tulaberry - A blue fruit native to the Gamma Quadrant and the main ingredient in tulaberry wine.

turbo - Operating at high speeds

turbolift - A device in a starship which quickly brings people from one deck to another. Similar to an elevator.

turn rate - The speed at which something turns within a period of time.

TVH - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

TW - Transwarp

TWoK - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

ty - Acronym for "thank you"

TyB - Tachyon Beam (Science Ability)

Tykens - Tykens Rift is a Science Space ability for your Bridge Officers that does damage to all enemy ships within an area.

tykens rift - A massive rupture in space which absorbs energy.

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