STO Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)


Download EMH Save Files

Includes female and male of Federation faction. Save them to your Star Trek Online screenshot folder.

Head TypeHumanoid 01
Skin TypeColor: Last row, 13th from left
Overall PatternSolid Color
Base ComplexionAged 02
Forehead DetailNone
Nose DetailNone
Tattoo, Scar, Etc.None
EyesHumanoid, Color 1: White, Color 2: Any
HairstyleShaved 02, Color: White
EyebrowThick 01, Color: White
Mouth AccessoryNone
Eye AttachNone
Head Attach OrganicNone
Head Overall Size4 Bars
Head Overall Width0 Bars
Head Overall Height0 Bars
Head Overall Depth2.5 Bars
Neck Length3 Bars
Neck Bulk3.5 Bars
Cranium Slope1.75 Bars
Cranium Width1.75 Bars
Forehead Slope1.75 Bars
Forehead Width2 Bars
Skull Height1.5 Bars
Brow Protrusion1.5 Bars
Eyes Size2 Bars
Eyes Height2 Bars
Eyes Width2 Bars
Nose Width3 Bars
Nose Length2.25 Bars
Nose Height2.25 Bars
Nose Bridge Width2 Bars
Nose Bridge Height0 Bars
Nose Bridge Depth0 Bars
Nostril Size2.75 Bars
Nostril Height2.75 Bars
Mouth Width2.75 Bars
Mouth Height2.5 Bars
Lip Fullness3 Bars
Mouth Protrusion1.5 Bars
Jaw Width3 Bars
Jaw Height3 Bars
Chin Length0 Bars
Chin Width4 Bars
Cheek Size4 Bars
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