Drozana Station Map

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Drozana Station Map
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NPC NameDescription
1. BankDeposit/Withdraw Itmes
2. BartenderBuy Food and Drinks
3. BelanBuy Food and Drinks
4. Commodity VendorSells Commodities
5. ExchangeBuy and Sell Items
6. Ferengi CollectorBuys Prototype Equipment
7. GreelanLatnium Store
8. Lobi Crystal ConsortiumLobi Store
9. MailSend/Receive Mail and Items
10. MarikSells Weapons and Devices
11. Nervous Ferengi
12. NevenSells Weapons and Devices
13. OrpekSells Weapons and Devices
14. Ship SelectorSelect Active Ships
15. TailorCustomize Clothing
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