Deep Space 9 Map

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Deep Space 9 Map
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NPC NameDescription
1. Admiral D'Vak
2. Armorer ZentanSells Shields and Armor
3. BankDeposit/Widthraw Items
4. Captain James KurlandGives Missions
5. Chief Engineering OfficerRepairs Ships
6. Chief Medical OfficerHeals Officers
7. Commander RoxySTF Information
8. Commodity Broker YeserinCommodity Information
9. Device Merchant DolgunSells Devices
10. Device Merchant TohmoeSells Devices
11. Dilithium Ship EqupimentSells Ship Equpient
12. Dockmaster DetSelect Active Ships
13. Engineering OfficerRequisition Bridge Officers
14. ExchangeBuy and Sell Items
15. Ferengi CollectorBuys Prototype Equipment
16. Gar'ConSells Drinks (3rd Floor)
17. HadronSells Food and Drinks
18. Kit Merchant Kalti VrannSells Kits
19. Kit Merchant Kilta VrannSells Kits
20. KonzarrSells Commodities
21. Lt. Commander TanaRespec Player Skills
22. MailSend/Receive Mail and Items
23. Mo'NekeCustomize Clothing
24. MornTells Stories
25. Mugato HandlerGives Mugato Pet to Veterans
26. Outfitter AdjkaSells Shields and Armor
27. PagSells Weapons
28. Romulan AmbassadorMission to New Romulus
29. Security OfficerDuty Officer Assignments
30. Ship EquipmentSells Ship Equipment
31. Ship Procurer EcliaSells Ships
32. Shipwright ArcolCustomize Ships
33. Shuttle Information
34. TraderDuty Officer Assignments
35. Weapon Procurer UrgmahtSells Weapons
36. Woadroh "Woadie" BohithLatinum Store
37. Zhy'AhneSells Drinks (2nd Floor)
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