Deep Space K-7 Map

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Deep Space K-7 Map
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NPC NameDescription
1. BankDeposit/Withdraw Items
2. Captain Mackenzie CalhounGives Missions
3. Commander Naomi WildmanGives Missions
4. Commander SilelCustomize Starship
5. Commander ZutanBuy Dilithium Starship Equipment
6. Commodity Broker TalutBuy Commodities
7. Dr. Yoc'm
8. Engineering OfficerRepairs Ships
9. Ensign CroghanBuy Personal Equipment
10. Ensign EsheliBuy Starship Components
11. Ensign JaymahnRequisition Bridge Officers
12. ExchangeBuy and Sell Items
13. Jil KelletCustomize Clothing
14. Lieutenant Sean GabrielSelect Active Ships
15. Lieutenant Tal NalaBuy Personal Equipment
16. LobekBuy Weapons
17. Lt. Commander Dant KrollBuy Starships
18. Lt. Commander IchebGives Missions
19. Lt. Commander MezPlayer Skill Respec
20. MailSend/Receive Mail and Items
21. Medical OfficerHeals Officers
22. Nurse Lepa
23. Security OfficerDuty Officer Assignments
24. Shuttle Information
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