Fleet Embassy Map

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Fleet Embassy Map
Open Location List
NPC NameDescription
1. BankDeposit/Withdraw Items
2. BartenderBuy Drinks
3. ChefBuy Food
4. ExchangeBuy/Sell Items
5. MailSend/Receive Mail & Items
6. Officer of the WatchDaily Fleet Mark Mission
7. Requisition Bridge OfficersBuy Romulan Bridge Officers
8. Requisition ConsumablesBuy Consumables & Commodities
9. Requisition Duty OfficersBuy Duty Officers
10. Requisition Duty OfficersBuy Duty Officers
11. Requisition Ground EquipmentBuy Fleet Kits
12. Requisition Operational AssetsBuy Fleet Ship Reinforcements
13. Requisition Space EquipmentBuy Fleet Science Consoles
14. Shuttle TransportTake Shuttle to Fleet Starbase
15. TailorPurchase Senate Robes & Customize Clothing
16. Transport OfficerShuttle Transport Information
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