Ganalda Station Map

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Ganalda Station Map
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NPC NameDescription
1. BankWithdraw/Deposit Items
2. Bekk TokSells Ground Equpiment
3. Commander KotraRequisition Bridge Officers
4. Commander TergRespec Player Skills
5. Commander TrannCustomize Ships
6. Commodity Vendor TrenkSells Commodities
7. Engineering OfficerRepair Ships
8. ExchangeBuy and Sell Items
9. HirstircBuy Ship Dilithium Equpiment
10. Klingon Security OfficerDuty Officer Assignments
11. Lieutenant Commander TorbakPvP Missions
12. Lt. ValanSelect Active Ships
13. LurkSells Weapons
14. LyssCustomize Clothing
15. MailSend/Recieve Mail and Items
16. Medical OfficerHeals Officers
17. MenbetWar Zone Information
18. Ship and Shuttle RequisitionsBuy Ships and Shuttles
19. Shuttle Information
20. YekacheSells Ground Equpiment
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