Romulan Command Center Map

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Romulan Command Center Map
Open Location List
NPC NameDescription
1. Admiral Kererek
2. Assignment OfficerInfo about Mission Difficulty
3. Away Team EquipmentBuy Ground Equipment
4. BankDeposit/Withdraw Items
5. Bridge Officer TrainerTrain Bridge Officer Skills
6. Centurion VelaarBuy Duty Officers
7. Chief EngineerRepair Ships
8. Chief Medical OfficerHeal Officers
9. Commodities VendorBuy Commodities
10. Crafting ItemsCrafting Item Vendors
11. Customize Clothing
12. Customize Starship
13. Dilithium Away Team EquipmentBuy Ground Equpiment
14. Dilithium Ship EquipmentBuy Ship Equipment
15. ExchangeSell and Buy Items
16. Fleet ContactStart a Fleet
17. MailSend/Receive Mail and Items
18. Officer VendorBuy Bridge Officers
19. Shady MerchantBuy Weapons
20. Ship EqupimentBuy Ship Equipment
21. Ship SelectorSelect Active Ships
22. Ship and Shuttle RequisitionsBuy Ships
23. Shuttle Information
24. Skill TrainerRespec Player Skills
25. Veteran Dilithium RefinerRefine Extra Dilithium
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