Romulan Flotilla Map

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Romulan Flotilla Map
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NPC NameDescription
1. Assignment Officer
2. BankDeposit/Withdraw Items
3. Bridge Officer TrainerTrain Bridge Officer Skills
4. Brigadier General G'danKDF Ambassador
5. Captain HarvsonFederation Ambassador
6. Chief Engineering OfficerRepair Ships
7. Chief Medical OfficerHeal Officers
8. Commodities VendorSells Commodities
9. Customize Starship
10. D'Tan
11. ExchangeSell and Buy Items
12. Ground Equipment VendorSells Ground Equpiment
13. MailSend/Receive Items and Mail
14. Recruit Bridge Officers
15. Requisition Ship EquipmentSells Ship Equipment
16. Starship SelectSelect Active Starships
17. Starship and Shuttle RequisitionsBuy Starships and Shuttles
18. Subcommander NadelGives Missions
19. TailorCustomize Uniform
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