Starbase 39 Sierra Map

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Starbase 39 Sierra Map
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NPC NameDescription
1. Admiral T'naeGives Mission
2. BankWithdraw/Deposit Items
3. Commodities BrokerSells Commodities
4. Commodity Broker TemevCommodity Information
5. Ensign Bariet JaranRequisition Bridge Officers
6. Ensign JessiekBuy Ship Equipment
7. ExchangeBuy and Sell Items
8. Lieutenant MarrienBuy Ground Equpiment
9. Lt. SynsaBuy Ship Dilithium Equipment
10. MailSend/Recieve Mail and Items
11. Ship Selections OfficerSelect Active Ships
12. Ship and Shuttle RequisitionsBuy Ships and Shuttles
13. Shuttle Information
14. Starfleet Security OfficerDuty Officer Assignments
15. XenoBuy Weapons
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