About the STO Academy

STO Academy

Hello friends old and new! Welcome to the STO Academy! It's been a long journey since February 22nd, 2010 when this website was first released. Although at the time it was known as the STO Fans' Site. The point of the site, as it still is, was to help players learn more about the game. Unfortunately at the time it was hosted on a free server which meant limited storage.

Thanks to generous donations from other STO players I was able to get my first paid server by the end of 2010. Now was time to reinvent the site and improve it, thus the STO Academy was born. Over the following months and years the site continued to grow with more information and more users.

Things didn't really take off until one day I decided that it was time for a skill planner. Some existed but Cryptic had made changes to the skill tree and those planners weren't being updated. So I sat down, grabbed my keyboard, and coded away endlessly. Finally the skill planner was ready to be unveiled!

The STO Academy grew in popularity since then. Thanks to the constant suggestions, bug reports, comments, and more from the STO community, every aspect of this website is improved. In return I try my hardest to give all of you the best experience possible.

One way in which I've done that over the years is by redesigning the site to improve how you interact with it. The most recent redesign has made the site friendly across all devices. Whether you are on your phone, tablet, or computer, you'll be able to clearly see and use the STO Academy.

The STO Academy will be around for years to come (heck it might even outlive the game!) and it will always provide quality content for players of Star Trek Online.

I'd like to extend my personal gratitude to users of the STOA site, members of the STOA fleet, and the developers at Cryptic. Without all of you, the STO Academy would never have existed!


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