Ancestral Sin Walkthrough

Vulcan Ancestral Sin

Start by going to Vulcan in the Sirius sector and beaming down. Walk down the stairs until you see Ambassador T'Sawa on your left. Talk to her. When you are finished keep going down the stairs to the fountain. A little to the left of the fountain are two Romulans. Speak with Ambassador Jirok. After you have gone through all of the dialog with him return to Ambassador T'Sawa for further instructions.

Talk to Ambassador T'Sawa choosing the "Ambassador Jirok's life has been threatened" option. After you have talked to her, a bunch of (I) marks will appear on your map. These are Vulcans that you can talk to in order to get information about flaws in the threatening note. Four of these Vulcans has information for each page in the letter. You will need to get all of the information in order to continue. It does not matter which order you get the information, however following the list below from Ambassador T'Sawa's position is the most efficient and quickest.

Ambassador T'Sawa and Jobok Ambassador Jirok

You can now head back to the fountain to speak with Ambassador Jirok. Choose the option "That threat did not come from a Vulcan!". You must now show him the evidence. Click on Page One, Page Two, Page Three, and Page Four. For each one make sure you click "Continue".

Continue through the dialog and answer the hail from your ship. Go through that dialog and make sure you click on every option when comparing the note. More options will appear as you go trough. If you've done it correctly there should be 7 options (not including Exit) which are about comparing the note. Make sure you've clicked all of them.

Head back up the stairs to Ambassador T'Sawa. Next to her is Jobok. Speak with him but NEVER choose the "Explain yourself!" option. The only options you want to click on are "I've investigated your history", "We have compared recent and previous communications", and "This is your chance to do the right thing". After you have clicked on those you can head back down to Ambassador Jirok and talk to his aid Lt. Hemek. At one point you will be given two options. Make sure you click "Jobok has revealed the truth". Report back to Ambassador T'Sawa. Congratulations you have completed your diplomatic assignment!

107 Skill Points
26 Expertise
42 Starfleet Merits
10 Diplomacy XP
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