Quarantine Walkthrough

Locations: Memory Alpha and Deep Space K-7
To acquire this mission you must speak with Lt. Orlando Mai at Memory Alpha.

K-7 Lab

Lt. Orlando Mai needs you to deliver a shipment to Dr. Yoc'm on Deep Space K-7. Beam up to your ship and travel to the Eta Eridani Sector and head to Deep Space K-7. Beam down to the station and go to Club K-7. You will find Dr. Yoc'm near the bar. Talk to him and he will tell you to go to his lab and alert Nurse Lepa. Use the turbolift that is right next to the bar.


In the back of the lab is Nurse Lepa, speak with her. When you are down one of your Bridge Officers will contact you. An epidemic is spreading through the ship because of the shipment. Your ship is now under Quarantine and you are not allowed to beam back on board (NOTE you can still return to your ship, this is only part of the storyline).

Return to the club and speak to Dr. Yoc'm again. After you speak with him, your next task is to research an antigen using the lab on Deep Space K-7, so return to it. The Quartermaster at K-7 is also ill and is in Quarantine in the lab. You can create an antigen and test it on him to find a cure.

Your first task is to contact Memory Alpha using the console in the lab. Ask all the questions that appear. Next you must analyze the accident report. Again, use all three options that appear. Now you can synthesize an antigen. The correct ingredients are:

  1. Environment: Diluted Sulfiric Acid
  2. Surface: Platinum
  3. Compound: Calcium EDTA
  4. Additional Compound: Unithol

Once you have created the correct antigen you must go to the Quartermaster who is behind a forcefield in the corner directly across from the replicator. One you are there you must apply the antigen. If it worked he'll be healed and you can complete the mission. In order to complete the mission you must travel back to Memory Alpha and speak with Lt. Orlando Mai.

107 Skill Points
26 Bridge Officer Points
42 Starfleet Merits
10 Diplomacy XP
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